Gender Equality – Why do we need to talk about it?

gender equality

In the last post on Gender equality, we discussed the need for a gender-neutral society. Now, that we already know the basics of gender-neutrality, it is time to deep dive further into the topic.

The helpful step towards any cause are –

  • To identify there is a problem, and
  • To accept the problem.

There is no doubt in accepting that our society is a gender-obsessed society, we either emphasize on dominance or suppressed. The focal issue arises when we discriminate between the two. In a gender-neutral society, we establish an equal ratio between the two and work towards neutrality.

The current social and economic structure in our society considers women inferior to men, more often than not, women are considered less for top-paid jobs, leadership profiles, governance roles, etc.

As a result of these social inequalities, women face ill-treatment in society or from their own families. This could be by their spouses, or forceful marriages, or in some cases (due to poverty) totally denied an education.

The lack of education creates a ripple effect in both the social and economic aspects of these women’s lives. Tough various schemes have announced by the Union of India to uplift the role of women education in society, but real figures are far from expectations.

Gender Equality in India –

As per the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index 2019-20, India has slipped to the 112th position among the 153 economies that were sampled. The Index takes into account and measures gender gaps in health and survival, economic participation and opportunity, education, and political empowerment. (ref – here)

One often confuses gender-neutrality with women empowerment, another reason why very little is achieved towards a gender sensitized society in India. However, the stereotype and biases around gender roles have been deep-rooted within our cultural institutions. Women have been subjected to suppression for decades in the Asian sub-continent. Discrimination against women and girls by almost all sections of Indian society and at all levels has led to this huge disparity. When we talk about gender neutrality, it means uplifting the suppressed first and then bringing them all to the same platform. Hence, both these causes are intertwined.

gender equality

Gender sensitization means a dynamic process where all genders are taught to respect everyone irrespective of gender differences. But with the regressive mindset and social construct that men are superior to women is deep-rooted and resulted in society being biased against women and girls in general.

What can we do to fight gender-inequality?

Never underestimate the power of small things, sometimes little things make a huge difference.

We can start with –

  1. Using gender-neutral language
  2. Encourage parents in your eco-system to adapt the neutrality
  3. Counsel girls and women to overcome the social biases
  4. Create education gender-sensitive
  5. Education – Mandatory primary education for all
  6. Accept women in non-traditional roles
  7. Share the workload
  8. Enable equal-parenting
  9. Encourage women to take up responsibilities at the workplace and speak up
  10. Use social media to promote and share gender-equality. Spread the good word and speak-up.

We will discuss these points in detail in our next post, where I will talk about gender-neutral parenting and society. Concluding this post with some quotes said by famous personalities on this topic.

A gender-equal society would be the one where the word gender does not exist; where everyone can be themselves.

Gloria Steinem.

Gender parity is just not good for women; it’s good for SOCIETIES.

Angelica Fuentes – President Angelica Fuentes Foundation.

It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals.

Emma Watson
gender equality

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  1. Times are changing, but still there is a class of people who (due to lack of education or ignorance) are holding to their pre-set notions. Gender equality is a major issue that we need to talk. By taking small steps, we can break the stereotyped behavior. By breaking the old set notions, ad doing our share, we can move one step closer to this.

  2. Great post dear and I really like all the points you had mentioned here as a suggestion. I believe parents can play a big role in bringing the change. if each family adopt the mantra of “Gender equality”, then we will have a better society in future for our next generation. looking forward for next post in series.

  3. I do believe, education is the starting point. And that applies to both genders. You have spoken so clearly and pragmatically, I feel this sould be the commandement for driving gender-equality in our immediate circle of influence.

  4. I agree that it’s high time we need to talk about gender equality. Knowingly or unknowingly sometimes we ourselves set an example of gender inequality. I loved this post as much needed!!

  5. I agree to your recommendations Dipika also as a mother of a boy I have taken upon myself to ensure my kid neither has nor will ever have any notion that considers other sex inferior or superior and I have been hell bent to teach him how to respect women.

  6. Gender Equality in India is still not at a desirable stage and needs to be discussed and not swept under the carpet. But education and bringing up children who are aware of this is an important step.

    1. Excellent recommendations about how we can achieve gender equality… But the larger issue still continues to be that people don’t want equality, don’t understand it yet.
      Even terminology are still male dominated.

  7. Gender neutrality & equality are topics that need to be discussed extensively & it’s high time we started acting on actually creating a balanced rather than a biased society.

  8. Gender neutral language usage is surely the first step. Its an action we can and must take to ensure no Gender inequality

  9. Gender equality is one of the most important subjects on which we need to sensitive to everyone. From early childhood we tell kids a girl will do this and a boy will do that. We as parents are the foundation and should teach our kids about gender equality so they can see a better world to live in where gender won’t be a restriction for anyone. And everyone will be doing everything.

  10. Well said Dipika. Gender inequality is a scourge of our times, surprisingly so, considering we live in the 21st century. Let’s hope things change soon.

  11. It’s sad to know that India ranks so low in gender equality. Women can do much more than what the society sees but still they are treated with a divide. Its time both genders share the work, life and duties and grow together.

  12. I like the tips you have given on how to promote gender equality. However, I would like to point out that most large corporations ate now working on this model. But they are small in number.

    1. Oh yes, absolutely! I have myself witnessed that, but yes as you mentioned that minuscule

  13. So much have been said, but it is sad that we, as a society are far from accepting gender equality. I hope we will be able to raise our next gen. towards this goal.

  14. The Other Brain Inc

    These are some noteworthy points that you have suggested to create gender- balanced society. Unfortunately, in India still we equate gender to male and female. To add to it we are still grappling to create equality between these two genders. However, even if we start now it will be good enough.

    1. Exactly! Thank you for stopping by

  15. Good points Dipika. I agree that we need to do more and it can start by gender sensitization at home. Gender sensitive education and counselling are the need of the hour.

  16. […] #CauseAChatter challenge by BlogChatter. We have discussed the basics of gender-neutrality, and Why we need to talk about gender-equality now, more than ever. In this post, I would like to emphasize ways, how we can support gender […]

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