Real Women who changed the World! International Women’s Day

international women's day

Whether it is Sarojini Naidu or Mother Terresa, Queen of Jhansi, or Oprah Winfrey we have stories of great women from every walk of life to inspire us with their ineffaceable desire to empower everyone. This International Women’s Day, I am dedicating this post to those unsung heroes around us, who are continuously working in shadowes just to make a difference in everyone’s life.

Homemakers –

What’s your profession? Oh! You are a housewife! What is your husband’s job? I am sure most of the homemakers have heard these lines in a way that feels demeaning, degraded, and uncalled for. But imagine a profession called HOMEMAKERS! The KRA (Key responsibilities area) would surpass even the highest paid job in this world. God has his own way of explaining things to some hard-headed people, during the coronavirus lockdown, many who thought a homemaker’s job is easy in life saw the real side of it.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, I pay respect to all those inspiring women who not only manage their homes flawlessly, but also nurture those living in that home.

Freelancing Women –

Freelancers or work-from-home women are those who silently manage two worlds without disturbing peace or harmony between the two. They could be your neighborhood home-baker, who takes your special order to furbish it on time managing her own household demands and chores. She could be the salon expert who leaves her child to a nearby creche to fulfill your beauty/spa needs every month.

These women entrepreneurs are filled with passion to perform, make a mark in what they call – the second leash of their career. Work from home helps married women return to work. So, next time when you see or hear about a work-from-home, don’t forget to visit her franchise/shop/online store or appreciate her efforts. A small note of appreciation makes a gigantic effect on someone’s life.

Real Inspiring Women

Working Women –

Not everyone needs to be Michelle Obama, Kalli Purie, or Arundhati Bhattacharya to be respected as working women. India is a growing economy and we have a huge working women force who are busy shaping the face of new India.

Though due to internal and external factors, many eligible women succumb to societal pressure and don’t take up professional careers. We need to shatter such barriers and bring them out to shine, take a flight of their dreams.

This Women’s Day, I salute all the working women who face many odds to make their dreams come true. They not only uplift themselves but also those around them.

We as a society should come forward and support our women, empower them to take the next step. Women have shown their mettle in every field of life, cinema, art, sports, defense, aviation, corporate, you name it and will find a women leader working hard to prove her position.

This ‘prove your ability’ syndrome needs to change, women are as important a part of this society as men. So, why only women have to prove their ability to hold a position. Why the hostility?

Though the situation is better today than it was until a few years ago, and still improving rapidly. Men from the bounds of being a patriarch have started supporting women in their endeavors. When these two come together, it is perfect harmony, the real ‘EQUALITY’ of sorts. With this note, I salute all the women out there.

An Ode to Women’s Day by 7 most Inspiring Ladies I know, read here.

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International women's day

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  1. THis is so true! I’m glad more people are understanding the work that our mothers and grandmothers have done for their families without thinking about themselves.

  2. Homemakers always consider as nothing. They don’t have any identity or social status. Our mother, grandmother and we (those are working from home “homemaker) are doing great job. We should consider ourselves Great without expecting from other people.
    So cheersss to you all girls( specially homemakers) 💐💐

  3. Homemakers are the actual supports because they are the one who support everyone in the family their best in their without worrying the household chores. She is the one who is sacrificing everything for her family’s success. We shoild always respect her.

    1. absolutely, and glad that you agree to this. Thank you.

  4. Well written blog post. Prove your ability syndrome is important. We have to keep explaining ourselves and nowadays even more. We play many roles and to each its own. Homemakers, women with careers and freelancing is all important and contributes. We simply have to learn to respect and judge less

    1. Thank you, Niyati. Glad you like it, and resonate my thoughts. Happy to have you on Speakeasy this time.

  5. The urban India is relatively inclining towards being more open to gender equality, and its heartening to see that. Hope our generation is able to see the wings spread wider

  6. Women in all their avatars and chosen walks of life must be respected and celebrated. Kudos to you for highlighting those women that don’t often receive the attention they deserve!

  7. This is true.Homemaker is not an easy job at all and in our society did not give an identity to homemakers.

    1. Glad you agree, thank you for stopping by.

  8. I am glad that you choose to include home makers!!! I often face this. I went from being a freelance journalist to a home maker and now a blogger.

  9. Loved the post dear. Indeed we have many unsung heros in our society like housewives who work so hard but never get enough appreciation. I am so glad you had selected this theme to write and appreciate them.

  10. Every woman is special and needs to be respected. Everyone woman is a Home maker and every woman is earning for family.

  11. This has definitely been a tribute to the unsung heroes of each house. Working women are so underappreciated and usually torn between hoke and work. Its strikingly odd that hine and work are opposite forces which shud be on the same page.

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