5 most Amazing Smart Kitchen Appliances for Indian Homes

smart kitchen appliances

Smart Kitchen Appliances – A kitchen is the heart and soul of any household situated in any corner of this world. Homes are made keeping kitchen and dining place in mind or even as the most thought-about area of the entire house. With time and technological advancements, the Indian kitchen has also evolved with new-age connected homes.

Gone are those days when women would slog for hours to create scrumptious meals for the family. Today, the kitchen has transformed into a smart kitchen with new-age gadgets and appliances to make life easy. Traditional Indian kitchens are meekly adopted Smart Kitchen Appliances and smart gadgets to make life easy and convenient for all.

Here we come up with the most sought 5 Smart Kitchen Appliances used by Smart Moms in Indian Homes.

1. Balzano Nutri Blender 500watt

Mostly Indian families love their food fresh and made the same day, piping hot gravies, tangy chutneys, condiments, and much more. Balzano Nutri Blender 500watt is a perfect solution for Indian Kitchen space.

Balzano a leader in commercial and consumer mixing, grinding, and blending. This Italian brand brings robust designs for Indian consumers at very competitive prices. Engineered and designed in Italy, Balzano Nutri Blender is a Made in India kitchen appliance. The sleek juicer mixer grinder is developed with Indian expertise by Balzano and a perfect solution for compact Indian urban pantries.

One can get superior mixing and grinding utilities with Balzano Nutri Blender effortlessly. This blender lets you blend and grind the toughest ingredients used regularly in Indian cooking. Now get your fresh fish-masala ground in a jiffy or idli batter for fluffy breakfast every morning. Not to forget the amazing coconut chutney or ground lentils paste for soft Dahi-vada. This blender performs both wet and dry functions effortlessly.

Powerful 500 watt rated motor with overload protection for continuous operation, BPA free Jars with tritan material imported from USA. Easy to understand and use Single-knob-operation, get the perfect control of your Balzano Nutri Blender 500W with just one single knob. Easy twist operation allows you to pulse and blend or grind. A perfect gift option for your Mom’s birthday or anniversary too!

Comes with two cups for varied operations and usage –  500ml tall cup and 250ml small cup. The jars and leakproof, won’t crack or dent because of the robust double ball bearing cutter assemblies. Equipped with premium stainless steel, and shatterproof tritan lids and locking tabs.

You may avail your own Balzano Nutri Blender 500watt by clicking this link below.

2. Yoga Blender 500watt by Balzano

Another gem from the house of Balzano that found its place on this list here. A must-have for every household with kids, elders, and fitness enthusiasts.

Smart kitchen appliances to keep your health and time both in check with their robust operations and effortless utility. The Yoga Blender is a high-power juicer that gives you veggies and fruit juices in their most original form, with fiber and nutrition. The only blender in which the fiber is not cut and is chewed between the teeth of the specially designed plates thereby naturally extracting maximum nutrients from ingredients

The only Blender to automatically separate seeds from all fruits and vegetables be it kiwi, dragon fruit, watermelon, cherries, lychee, pomegranate, custard apple etc.

3. Crock Pot

Slow cooker is also known as crack-pot is electrical smart kitchen appliances, best used for slow cooking. Nutrional cooking at slow cooker is a great meal prepping with healthy slow cooker recipes and hands-off cooking, especially around the holidays. They require a little planning ahead, but there’s something beautiful about setting it, forgetting it, and coming home to a warm, home-cooked meal. 

The Bergner Elite Slow Cooker is perfect for a nice hearty home-cooked meal. Slow cooking is the ideal way to make delicious, homemade, and nutritious meals without the hassle, fill it up with your favorite ingredients and let it cook. This means you could prepare it in the morning and your meal will be ready for you when you get home from work.

4. Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven are part of mostly all Indian kitchens, this smart appliance makes cooking easier and healthier too. Time-saving smart kitchen appliances are much loved by the Indian middle-class segment. Microwave ovens are especially loved with working nuclear families or those who love trying new dishes.

The latest trend of home-baking was greatly loved by all during the pandemic lockdown, easy home-baked dishes and cakes have become a new favorite. There are a plethora of options to pick from, but one must consider the brand, capacity, and features the microwave oven offers.

5. An Air Fryer

Indian cuisine has many scrumptious dishes that require deep frying or generous usage of oil. Our most favorite snacking options are usually deep fried, like samosa, cutlets, pakodas, etc.

Air Fryer has provided a healthier substitute to deep frying, thanks to the technical advancements in Indian smart kitchen appliances. I love making piping hot bhajiya/pakoda in my air-fryer whenever the family demands.

Though there are several smart kitchen appliances like coffee-maker, grill toasters, food-processor, hand-blender, etc that make our life easy and convenient life never before.


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  3. Appliances have made our lives very easy. I don’t but a lot of gadgets. Rather I invest in those which I feel can serve mean long run. One of them is Nutri Blender. I have been using Nutri Blender for a long time. And I find it very convenient. I am yet to explore Air Fryer but have heard goo reviews from my friends.

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  6. Smart home appliances are definitely a boon for all of us. I really liked The Bergner Elite Slow Cooker..it sounds good, never thought of buying it but now this is part of my bucket list for sure.. Thanks Dipika for sharing this.

  7. This list includes all the items where one can have lot of help in the kitchen to being the fresh aromas from the kitchen. Yet I am not fully convinced of the air fryer and the taste they deliver for the dish.

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  9. Very nice list of appliences. I need to buy the balzano nutri blender. Looks quite interesting.

  10. very nice list.. air fryer is something I want to invest now in my kitchen.. these gadgets seem to become our part of life.. great post

  11. Wow these products are incredible. Balzano is a good brand. I have seen a lot of my friends using it. Thanks for sharing this post. It is a one stop place for these products.

  12. Crockpot by Balzano is a new addition I might have in my place. You have shared a few kitchen items that could make our lives easier like never before

  13. I think a good blender makes life really easy in the kitchen… how quickly can the gravies to powders and paste can be made with the help of a good blender.

  14. These are very good selections and definitely helpful to have a trusted person recommend brand and specific products. I need to buy an air fryer will check this out.

  15. These are some great kitchen appliances, I have been looking to get a crockpot for myself, gonna go by your recommendations.

  16. A blender and microwave are a must-have for me as well. This is a good list for reference. I must check out the Yoga blender though. Curious about it!

  17. Luckily, my kitchen has all of these for easy and quick cooking. I love using philips air fryer as it gives me fried food without unhealthy oil.

  18. I agree we really need these appliances for the smart kitchen and I have this blender in my kitchen too. Need to have one microwave.

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  22. Thank you for listing out 5 most amazing smart kitchen appliances for Indian homes. I found this blog very useful and amazing. Keep sharing.

    1. Glad you like the post. Thank you for stopping by.

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  25. Thank you for listing out the best most amazing kitchen appliances in India.

    1. Glad you like it, thank you for stopping by.

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