5 Top Favorite Kitchen Appliances

Cooking is LOVE made VISIBLE – Welcome to my Kitchen Favorite Five

Kitchen is my favorite place; not that I am a great cook or love trying different dishes, but for the simple fact – I am a FOODIE! To satiate this status, I have to fulfill some basic requirements; like cooking. I picked up the interest in cooking during college days, when the food at mess was really messing up my head & taste-buds. That was the time when I started missing even the inconsequential ‘ghiaa sabji’ (bottle-gourd curry).

Soon the necessity of making palatable food turned into inquisitive urge to learn more and I garnered a whole ‘spinster’ kitchen for myself.

Cooking was not THE DAILY AFFAIR when I was all on my own, but after taking the marital plunge it came as a full-time activity; which includes – planning the meals, taste preferences, cuisine, etc. A well equipped Kitchen is must when you have dual roles to play – working & home making. My culinary arsenal covers a good range of work (which was meant to be done manually) Thanks to the technology & all the amazing gadgets which made life in the kitchen much easier & stress-free.

**Hats off to our mothers who have managed everything on their own, without the help from technology

My Five Favorite Kitchen Appliances are:

1. 4 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove by Sunflame.

Sunflame gas stove

Though for a family of 3 members, this was not needed but I loved the sparkling combination and the Glass Cook-top. Welcoming guests for lunch-on is never a headache or home delivery affair as this gas stove gives you ample space of making 4 dishes at a time (without colliding) The glass cook top is toughened designed, with stainless steel body casting. I have been using this since 4 year not a scratch till date 😉

2. Philips 600- Watt % Jar Simple Silent Mixer Grinder

Philips Mixer

When it comes to mixer grinder brand, I am biased!! I have seen Philips at my mom’s kitchen always and my first grinding machine was also from Philips. I recently got this cute looking Vertical Mixer Grinder with 5 Jar sets and 600 watt speed.. which is quite good for everyday needs. It’s easy to store in minuscule kitchen’s Mumbai realty allows you with.  Maintenance is quite handy too… plus you get additional blades as per your choice of utility.

3. Godrej InstaCook 30 ltr Convection Microwave Oven

Godrej Microwave

I bought this microwave oven with the sheer FAD of having one at home, by consistently pushing my man to the verge of craziness 😉 we got this gigantic microwave oven 30 liters with some ‘fuzzy’ smart InstaCook technology. Slowly I picked up cooking the ‘unconventional’ way, using mw energy. Healthy recipes slowly followed the course, today I prefer making all meat dishes in convection mode with minimum oil and having pizzas, garlic breads from home kitchen. Cupcakes are my daughter’s special Sunday treats without any hassle.

4. Smart Plastic Multi purpose Juicer

Manual JuicerHomemade juice!! heaven…. having a glass of freshly squeezed juice in the morning is a blessing. I prefer juicing fruits the traditional way, Electric Juicer’s produce does not quench my taste-buds. I picked up this local market juicer, it is very easy on pockets and brings out the best results easily. The vacuum lock at the bottom of juicer does not let it move and stainless steel allows quick functions. Each part is detachable for easy and better cleaning. BPA free plastic body makes it harmless & lightweight.

5. Wonderchef Hand Mixer 400 Watt

Wonderchef Hand mixer

This is LOVE, whipping, whisking, making a dough, churning butter everything is so easy now, thanks to 400 Watt magical Hand Mixer by Wonderchef.  I got this from Amazon.in home delivered, easy on pockets a MUST have every kitchen. Latte, Smoothies, and MilkShakes are just a swirl away.

Have you heard of 20-second wonder from Wonderchef, if not click Nutriblend.


This is my handy list of favorite 5 Kitchen products that I love and have made life in Kitchen easier happier & memorable. Do share your favorites too.

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42 thoughts on “5 Top Favorite Kitchen Appliances

  1. Love your glass 4 burner cook top .It looks perfect .Storing in my memory for the future.Also your wonder chef hand held mixer is the exact twin of my own. Microwave seems to be a big favourite for all of us.Thank you for writing with us for #MondayMommyMoments

  2. Great to read your feedback on juicer and 4 burner gas stove. I do not have these. Would love to add them in my kitchen. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey Deepika I have the same cooktop and I love it, though I am not using it now because my current kitchen came equipped with an attached burner. But i really love my glass top one .

  4. I always wanted tha hand mixer , I find it very fancy and then I see bakery show. They look so kool. But nor do I cook or bake. So ? My husband ll never fulfil my demands??

    1. Thanks for liking & connecting, you can get one from the local markets…. portable non electric juicer.

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