5 Things I am Thankful to when I wake up in the Morning – #ThankfulThursdays

Morning is that peaceful time of the day when I can just be with myself listening, thinking or doing NOTHING at all… My day starts around 5:30 am (a good habit I picked up as my new year resolution) first 30 minutes is dedicated to the morning walks followed by another half or so with morning tea looking outside window into oblivion. I love spending early morning time alone with myself, as it clears my head from clutter and I get so many wonderful writing ideas (which I diligently forget every time)

It’s A New Morning, A New Beginning So Be Thankful!!

Thanks to #ThankfulThursdays I started realizing the value of these small things which make our life beautiful. So what are you thankful to when you begin your day in the mornings…. I have quite a few things on my list, like:


1. Tea

I cannot think of a better start of the day without my morning tea, a strong brew with just a spoon of milk & some ginger. The fragrance it emits make me smile and sing for it.. how can a simple cup of tea can brighten your day… still a mystery 😉 I am ever so Thankful to British who introduced Tea to India.

2. Nature

For an average Mumbaiwaala’s (residents of Mumbai) greenery & nature is a luxury with huge investments, all we can see or feel close to nature is from our match-box homes via building’s backyard garden & trees planted decades ago. I thank all those people who thought about planting trees then, that we are reaping benefits today. I love watching the Mango & Jamun trees from my kitchen – chirping sparrows, singing cuckoo, naughty squirrels, uncalled crows… these all make my morning happy & hopeful.

3. Morning Kiss

I wait for almost an hour and 40 minutes for the good morning kiss from my ‘better half’ and a tight cuddle wrap from my darling daughter… without these two morning makers my day is Dull or it’s just bad omen…. I am thankful to my stars/destiny for blessing me with such love…. I try to make memories of these moments which will last for me till my last breath.

4. Quick Bites

Breakfast is a very easy cooking affair for me, daughter loves eggs, her dad loves eggs and mom (your writer here) loves anything which is edible. It’s just boiling some eggs or whisking an omelette milk/coffee and we are set. I am thankful to the ‘Hinglish’ (Indian cum English) version of Breakfast for saving time and energy early in the morning.

5. Home Delivery

Freshly baked bread or pav home delivered every morning sharp at 7:00 am to your door step, couldn’t ask for anything more. Have you ever tried Mumbai breakfast staple, ‘Kadak-Pav’ the crunchy bites you eat over with tea or coffee…. pure heaven!! I am thankful to my ‘pav-waala’ (bakery-boy) who delivers such scrumptious goodies every morning with a smile & good morning madam….


Thank You for reading, please share your thankful fives… I am linking this post with Deepa, Amrita, Tina  & Mayuri for #ThankfulThursday linky.

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  1. I loved your kadak pad story.That’s something I haven’t had the opportunity to try yet.The family is a huge blessing.Its important to feel secure in your life before you can explore horizons.I have a balcony garden and love staring at it.When I read stories like yours it never fails to surprise me how similar women .Love the way you write.Keep writing.Thank you for sharing your stories with us for #Thankful Thursdays

    1. Thank You so much Amrita, you words work as fuel for my writing spirit…. thankful to heavens for connecting with you.. love.
      Thanks for your kind words, I love writing for anything associated with you.

  2. I love the home delivery that’s saves lots of time even when we don’t want to cook
    Thanks for sharing
    Dr bushra
    Do visit mine
    F-Feasible Quinoa – Switch to Good Health with Quinoa

    1. Thanks Dew…
      Yeah will do

  3. I’m not a morning person but the things I can relate to are the tea (well, I prefer coffee more) and nature – being outside and looking around.. and I like doing my hobbies while listening to music every day.

    1. Hey thanks for stopping by & reading…

  4. Happiness is small joys of life

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