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4 Classic Home Remodeling Tips & Ideas You Need to Know

A moment of HAPPINESS, STRESS, and something NEW! These are the collection of feelings when you remodel your house, isn‚Äôt it? There are various reasons for remodeling your house, it can be you want to make it more beautiful, festivals, it has some problems like leakage, insects, etc. With these home remodeling tips and ideas, […]

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Freedom from Being Judged

“Judging a Person Does Not Define Who They Are. It Defines Who You Are” Freedom is our right, we have been living in free India since 70 years now, but what about those who are still nabbed under the unseen shackles of society and its norms. This post is dedicated to all those daily life’s […]

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5 Things I am Thankful to when I wake up in the Morning – #ThankfulThursdays

Morning is that peaceful time of the day when I can just be with¬†myself listening, thinking or doing NOTHING at all… My day starts around 5:30 am (a good habit I picked up as my new year resolution) first 30 minutes is dedicated¬†to the morning walks followed by¬†another half or so with morning tea looking […]

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I Finally Found YOU

It started over coffee, we started out as friends;¬†It’s funny how from simple things; the best things begin….¬† Oh, I finally found someone; Someone to share my life; ¬†I finally found the one – to be with every night;¬† Cause whatever I do….¬†It’s just got to be you!!! Oh!! I never dreamed it to be […]

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I am Beautiful…

Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder ….and I would definitely approve myself as that Beholder to be certified as Beautiful. Everyone (especially we moms) wants to look & feel our best, but with severe time crunch or exorbitantly high salon prices and sometime out of sheer laziness self care always get shifted on the back burner. […]

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State of Mind: Confused!

“Mom Uncle doesn’t love me anymore; he never picks me up or let me piggy back…” As a mother of a growing girl, I am usually on the receiving end of mindless questions and many funny accusations, but this statement set me back to¬†analyse what could be the probable cause of this sudden outburst of […]

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