5 Tips by Mom I am Ever Thankful Too

As a mother myself I know how hard it is to manage everything at one go and still stay sane, yes working same as an army of 20 people and still managing all those nagging questions from the little one. Or being asked – “where have you kept my file I last opened in 2010?” Or left with a house which is upside down; as if Tsunami had just hit your house! These all are my daily routine – from morning till night, running behind my little miss and then after she leaves for school getting prepped for the evening clash. No fever, no migraine, no stomach cramps can ground a mom – as there is nothing called – “Mom is Sick”.

But what is joy in living simple? I like my life like this – it makes it happening, I love energy and when it’s this palpable nothing better. Just some days ago I was talking to my mum over phone when she asked if I have started my work over? Animatedly I said – “MOM, you know well I don’t have a support at home to take care of little miss“. Her reply as short and crisp – “SO WHAT? Why have you done MBA when you can’t even manage your life?” can you beat this? It’s an explosive from a seasoned Mom who brought me up to be what I am today! 😀

This brings me to mention the best 5’s which my Mom taught me over life

1. Never say Never

The most important lesson of life – we all go through up/downs in life, they say struggle brings best of us. But during tough times, one must not loose faith and hope of goodness. “I can’t do this”, it’s very easy to reject; but trying your way out brings fruitful results and makes you a better person. I strongly go with this mantra – for me nothing is impossible, I might take some time reaching it but will definitely reach there.


2. Take care of yourself

As a mother, a wife most importantly as a woman it’s our nature to be nurturer, a giver, isn’t it? How will you be able to take care, nurture, love those who are dependent on you. I know my husband cannot even find his car keys unless I hand him over, little miss want’s full attention 24/7 even right now she’s complaining of me not listening to her 😉 Start taking care of yourself to be your 100%, I never miss opportunity to keep husband on baby sitting once a month, so that I can have my much needed “me time”. Enjoy yourself, pamper yourself and take care of yourself – literally.

3. Never forget your girlfriends

Who doesn’t love being with friends? I have had scores of friends during school, college days but slowly as we progress in life with other responsibilities friendship ties takes a slow tide. My mom has a habit of asking about how my so and so friend is doing? What’s new in her life? Where is she? etc.. At times I get fidgety and tell her to check herself; because she knows have’t checked on them since ages. Her piece of advise is – “even if it’s just dropping a hi in text box, do it – this will keep you in touch with your childhood memories.” and how true it is. Just a small session chatting with your childhood buddy brings back all those funny memories along with fresh air of laughter. I love you MOM for this one.

4. Save your peanuts to make a castle tomorrow

If you reading this, I am sure you know by now what I am going to talk about. Because all the mothers ceremoniously talk about this one – SAVE SAVE SAVE & SAVE. If I talk to her for a long time over phone, she says -“wasting so much money, save some for tomorrow”. If I send her gift on birthdays, anniversary – “arre why did you send itna costly gift, beta save money, why do you waste in all this”. She keeps on asking to visit her, and if I book my flights to & fro – “should have taken train from one side, why you had to waste so much money on flights”. I mean come on MOM, even train tickets now costs almost like flights!!! But yes, the crux of the matter is Save, so that you never (see never) have to face worst case situations.

5. Love them all

Love your extended family members, friends, in-laws as your own. Unless you give unconditional love, you cannot expect the same in return (oops did I say expect – hope MOM is not reading this) Yes Love without Expectations. Good Karma. Happy Happy. Peace. See I said it all Mom.

Mom’s are always there for us, regardless of what age we are. I really wish to be like ‘how my Mum is to me’, to my little missy. I love you Mom. #HappyMothersDay

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17 thoughts on “5 Tips by Mom I am Ever Thankful Too

  1. hahah…that statement by your mom on not managing life with a MBA degree is superlative! I can imagine my mom saying something like that. Mom seriously are cute. Thanks for linking up with #ThankfulThursdays

  2. Your Mom sounds very sensible and sweet, Dipika. It must be so much fun to be around her. God Bless her with health and happiness always.
    Thank you for writing for #ThankfulThursdays

  3. I love never say never.save save save, self care and girlfriends.Me time i insist on at least 1 hour every day.I become a banshee otherwise.But love all ., hmm working on that .Loved your post-Dipika.You always make me smile, from the first day you linked up.Thank you so much for always writing with us .#ThankfulThursdays

  4. Never say Never is my favourite. Loved reading your post Dipika. Moms are the best and teach us important valuable lessons. Thanks for linking u with TT 🙂

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