Top Ten Gifting Ideas for New Moms

Just a fortnight ago, we received the news family has been waiting for since 9 long months – arrival of my brand new nephew 😀 the tiny tot brought happiness and cheers all around with him. It’s a five long year gap since we got a new addition in family (whole khandaan)  hence, it’s jubilation time with loads of rituals, get together, parties and of course GIFTS…


Gifting is a process for me – I just do not pick anything out of the rack and get it gift wrapped. Gifts should be chosen with due thought and it’s usefulness, when my daughter was 3 years old we got many gifts meant for girls beyond 8 years!! So it’s either rotate the gift by gifting to someone of that age or keep it for future use. When you walk-in to buy gifts for ‘New Mom‘ the first this sales person points you towards is – either baby care hampers or new born clothes!! Mom MOM, not the baby! After going high and low I have put up this list of 10 best gifting ideas for NEW MOMS – who also need the same tender love and care ass the baby. These ideas suits all requirements – needs and yes taking care of pockets too..

1. Philips Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer


Gift Idea for New MOMNew Mom’s need every ounce of strength and each possible second of rest to take care of themselves. During post-partum even the simplest job of sterilizing takes a toll and gives uncalled stress. Philips Avent 3-in-1 is the perfect answer to that worry. Keeps mom happy and baby safe.

2. Mamaearth Epsom Bath Salt for Relaxation and Pain Releif

 I am not a new mom, fairly 5 yrs old mommy now but I fell in love with this BATH SALT by MamaEarth this is a pure mineral compound (Magnesium Sulfate) in crystal form. Add it in your bath and enjoy the effect it leaves on your body and mind.

check out the review of mamaearth Mama Range of products here –

3. Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

Product DetailsThis may look funny as a gifting idea, but trust me it’s THE gift for a lactating mother. You can combine it with storage bottles/packs and breast pads. A perfect combo for new mother’s (kindly check out with the mum first if she’s okay with the idea)

4. Find her a helping hand

Yes, if you really want to do something for your lovely friend, ask her if she needs a professional care at home (mostly in case of nuclear families) I suffered through this and know how important it is to have someone around you during those tricky 45 – 50 days post having a baby. The isolation bugs you and gets on your nerves when you all by yourself. Hire a professional on your buddy’d behalf – do the basic checks of course and let the new mother have peace of her mind.

5. Spa at Home


Who needs more than the new mom? Get a SPA at home for her – a relaxation spa meanwhile you do the babysitting 😉 What are friends for..huh? There are lot of online portals available where in you can book any service in advance, once I recommend is UrbanClap  – they provide professional care at your door step. Try this out, she will remember you for her lifetime.

6. Diaper Bags

Product Details Who doesn’t know the benefits of having a big, handy, sturdy diaper bag. A bag which can hold a whole tiny universe in itself – from diapers to milk bottles, from toiletries to waste pockets. Keep it wash-proof please and many bags comes with inside flexi-partition pockets. Go for branded ones as the quality & sturdiness is guaranteed.

7. Baby Carriers

Product Details I am in love with this product, it gave me the ease of free hands and arms when travelling with baby or during much needed evening walks. Comes in various shapes and sizes this is THE best gift you give to a new mommy.

8. The Body Butter


Ask any new mom what is her biggest skin trouble – her reply unanimously comes as itchy skin & stretch marks. Welcome the best body butter I have used till date, The Moms Co. The Body Butter is a toxin-free rich combination of cocoa and shea butter with moisturizing oils providing comfort to itchy skin & helps smooth out the stretch marks.

9. Mattress Protectors

Product Details With a baby at home, what all our poor humble mattress goes through – the answer to all your worries is Mattress Protectors. I am in love with the idea that some of these protectors don’e even allow the duct, moisture, dust-mites to creep in our precious’s space. Available in all shapes and sizes as per the requirements and can also be made customized.

10. Gift Cards

Product Details Let her choose – yes the best which I always stick to is give her freedom of choice. You can get the in any denomination, can be gifted personally or even one can email the card.

Hope you like the list of gifts for new moms I hand picked for my readers…. which one is your favorite; do let us know in the comment box.

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9 thoughts on “Top Ten Gifting Ideas for New Moms

  1. The mattress protector is one which all of us missed!.Loved the home spa idea and the Epsom salt.Mommies need a lot of care.Thank you so much for writing with us for #MondayMommyMoments

  2. That’s such a useful list. I wish I had used the steam steriliser. We were boiling bottles till we went quite crazy. And the mattress protector went with us everywhere.

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