Health – A Thankful Note To My Health

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Health I am thankful to you – for giving me a wonderful Life!

Participating in #ThankfulThursdays #ThankYouNote – Week 1 contest, hosted by Amrita & Tina. 

If you ask me ONE thing I am thankful to, my answer would be Why JUST ONE? I have many many things to be thankful to.  For instance – I am thankful that I am able to write this post, using my fingers and brain. My eyes are working absolutely fine and able to see what I am writing. Able to feel the emotions while writing this heart felt post. Thankful that I am Healthy.

Gratitude – Is the Key to Lead a Happy Life

Gratefulness, Kindness, Compassion, Respect, Recognition, Reward, Appreciation – Gratitude gives us all. God has given each one of us a wonderful gift; its up-to us how we cherish it. Cherish or Peril is human’s call. I am thankful to all aspects on this wonderful living God graced us with.


Health is Wealth‘ I am thankful to life for being fair with me, till now. A body in workable condition, brain which keeps sane and heart that beats normally. Certain ups-n-downs are justified as course of living, but rest depends on how serious are we to lead a healthy life.

  • Picking up on a good habit,
  • Lead healthy & fit life.
  • Fitter body brings motivation and positivity
  • Exercise – not only to keep fit, but to push negative energy away.

Family vital for Health too

Family is source of unconditional support and love. For a healthy life; human needs a body in working condition & happiness. I am Thankful for the continuous support from my family in whatever I do. Be it on professional or personal fronts. This support gives my aspirations wings to soar high, without the worry of fall. Because no one is going to laugh or judge me. Motivate to try it again wholeheartedly, a family is positive energy.

Love & Friends lead to happy healthy living

What kind of living it would be without Love in it? Sad, Stressed & Unhealthy. I am thankful for unending love and comfort from my better half. We met some 13 years ago, got married 9 years back; still rocking and going on. The small teases and fun elements keep the smiles and happiness intact. For a healthy life – Love is Requisite.

The love from the baby is most poise, her small talks and unconditional love fills me with so much hope. Love and trust from friends – who are always with me in heart & memories, despite being far away in terms of distance. Years faded, age matured but our love for each other is still the same. Friends who are guiding source, and show the real picture instead of just some good words. These are just a few ingredients to be a happy, healthy life.


Writing keeps me Healthy

I am thankful for the love of writing, this keeps me away from ‘empty mind’s devil workshop’. Writing is life and soul, its aiding in bread & butter too at times. Writing keeps wasted time & energy occupied; when energy is transformed into positivism; there leaves no chance of Stress or depression.

Life is all about change; if we do not change – we fall apart. This post gave me a chance to express my heartfelt Thank You for all the things that made my life wonderful.


What are you Thankful For? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Health – A Thankful Note To My Health

  1. leading a healthy and fit lifestyle is a dream for every one isn’t it? It’s for me too I hope I can manage it well. Thanks for linking up with #ThankfulThursday #ThankYouNote Contest

  2. It’s important to be healthy but more important is to keeping your healthy happy …if you know that fact how to keep a happy healthy life you will surely get fit lifestyle!! Loved this post

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