Mother’s Heart – #writebravely


Seeing you smile, my heart swells with happiness.

I wonder how God designed such contendness!

Just a few giggles or funny face;

Bring glee & cheerness in my empty space.

You add wilderness into my prime world!

….. and all this light; which I always considered too bright.

When I see your sweet silent face every night;

Wonder if ‘she‘ too felt the same for me in her heart?

See how time shifts and change tables, yesterday who yearned for LOVE is a giver!

After all its Nature – A Mother’s heart ‘printed‘ with Love & Care.

© Dipika Singh

I’m taking part in the Write Tribe ProBlogger Challenge.

Also written for the challenge – Music if for LOVE

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  1. Such is a mother’s love. I wonder the same too. How does this happen when I see my little one. Nice post Dipika

  2. A beautiful ode to motherhood, Dipika. The words bring out your love so well.

  3. The cycle of giver and provider of love and care continues forever to leave the heart pints in the life of both!
    So wonderfully penned, Dipika!

  4. Nothing compares the love of a mother and you have expressed it so beautifully, Dipika!!

  5. Correctly said, we never know when we changed from a grabber to a giver. Motherhood cannot be taught but enriched within.

  6. Bahut sahi kaha ??

  7. Lovely words and a great ode to motherhood

  8. Dipika, emotions poured in this poem are so pure. Loved it!

    MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts

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