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Mother’s Heart – #writebravely


Seeing you smile, my heart swells with happiness. I wonder how God designed such contendness! Just a few giggles or funny face; Bring glee & cheerness in my empty space. You add wilderness into my prime world! ….. and all …

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Music is for LOVE – #writebravely

Music is the Language of Love!! They say where words fail, Music keeps the conversation going. Remember that personal ‘LOVE SONGS’ list, Varied genre – Solo, Duet, or Harmony. When gloomy, sad, tired or low; Favourite numbers kept up the ghosts away. …

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Monsters inside my Head – #Writebravely

‘Monsters are real, so are the Ghosts! They Live inside us; and sometimes they WIN too’ – Stephen King With a smile he slipped the drink in her hand, she loved his eyes when he smiles; they sparkle. Ecstatic with the …

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Importance of Keeping Family Traditions Alive

TRADITIONS are not to Preserve the ASHES, but to PASS on the FLAME. Gustav Mahler Why Traditions – What does the Dictionary say? ‘The transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on …

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Praying with the Bated Breath – #Writebravely

Only if eyes could talk, his grilling stare would have screamed the loudest. She moved silently towards the area pointed with so much annoyance. Her heart skipped a beat remembering last night. It was just one last time she devoured …

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writetribe terminal

Terminal – Reunion or Disparate #writebravely

Eyes on announcement screen, keeping track of incoming flights; Her heart was pounding with so many doubts! She was a teeny girl; when he left for better & good, Keeping it alive over internet & good old notes. Fidgeting in …

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Nostalgia – New Life’s First Home

  Looking at her pedometer she thought ‘Just few more steps; only few more‘ panting heavily. Few more rounds at jogger’s park will make her as well the walking device happy. She was in the last leg of her walk, …

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Misjudgment or A Pattern to Die – #writebravely

Walk by the seaside turned sour when I saw the gory site. A massive whale turtled and taking her last few prized breaths. Who wants to see them die? Our precious magnificent giants. Many were gathered to capture and click …

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