Monsters inside my Head – #Writebravely


Monsters are real, so are the Ghosts! They Live inside us; and sometimes they WIN too’ – Stephen King

With a smile he slipped the drink in her hand, she loved his eyes when he smiles; they sparkle. Ecstatic with the joy of ‘just got promoted, she finished it – bottoms up!’ All eyes were stuck on her; some to participate in her happiness & joy, but few were ONLY to stare. He kept her close, didn’t want to lose her from sight. Seems like he has been trying since a long, today might be the chance.

She could feel the earth’s rotation and her head was splitting into two. Quizzically looked at him and rushed towards ladies’ room. “It’s the Tequila again; err… I hate it.” He followed her, and kept a close watch. Few minutes later she came out, he held her tight and pulled towards the lounge. In dark and gloomy corner, they sat. She was a total mess, and definitely in need of help. His intentions were clear – he knew it’s time. Sliding hands under her skirt he meant business. There I lost my control and yelled on top of my lungs!

Whole surrounding turned unreceptive for him, and we meant business. Ladies took charge and I lead the battalion –

“How dare you touch her like that?”

“What were you trying to do to her?”

“Don’t you think it’s wiser to call her family and send her off?”

“You DO this to all your friends or she is the first try?”

The charges were leveled and he is the perpetrator – quite clearly. Someone suggested to dial 100 when a shallow voice reached our hostile ears. ‘Let him go.’ She gathered all her strength to say – ‘he’s brother; leave him’.

Oh wow, so you are the Brother! You pervert, trying to molest your own sister. Humanity has stooped so low. Taking advantage of her vulnerability, what a MONSTER you are? Your mother would be ashamed to birth a Satan like you.

No, she would not! In fact, she would be really worried that I have not taken care of my dear sister because of you ‘feminists’! Yes, I am her brother and she need me more than your ‘attempts’ to protect her. She has ruined her dress by throwing, the very reason I was trying to help her. I checked her drinks as she’s allergic to white spirits. Still somehow Tequila entered her system. But why do I explain these things to you?


Author’s Note

Times have changed, but are the human relationships too? There are many evils in society today which were probably hidden or were rare earlier. But that doesn’t mean we look at every other person with a ‘question mark’!

Being careful is different and over judgemental is something else altogether. I have grown up with neighbourhood friends. Played alone without prying eyes, went out with uncles, stayed many noon-times with aunts. Probably that was a different time, but what about values? Many times, the monsters are in our heads and we perceive things as we like.

As every coin has two side, so is every situation. The incidents of hate & crime are disheartening. Must be dealt with severe punishments by the court of law. But at the same time, we cannot see every relation or intention with doubts. We cannot judge anyone without knowing the reason behind.

All I wish to convey via this post is – Let’s not judge anyone without having full knowledge of the situation. #StopJudging

© Dipika Singh

I’m taking part in the Write Tribe ProBlogger Challenge.

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24 thoughts on “Monsters inside my Head – #Writebravely

  1. Sheetan sabke ander rehta hai per aapne sahi kaha ki bina sab truth jaane hume judge nahi karna chaiye, hum.kabhi galat bhi ho saktey hain

    Bahut accha likha hai ??

  2. Well written post, Dipika.Indeed the times of change.Maybe because of the effect of gadgets or technology, we are ending up being too judgemental too soon and quick to react.

  3. Actually, the times have changed so much that our minds have also been polluted to some extent. I also had a carefree childhood but not anymore. In all sense, it is Kalyug today.

  4. So true, the coin has both the sides, we all might witness some nasty people, but there are many beautiful ones as well. What all matters is to have that optimism in life and rule out toxic people.

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