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Blind Date

This post is Written for the Festival of Words, organized by WriteTribe.  Rosanne is looking lovely in the olive green sheath dress, the fabric is draped perfectly well on her slim figure. ‘You are looking lovely Rosie‘, she quipped handing her …

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dreams never lie

Dreams Come True

Saleha has seen her mother wailing alone, behind those flashy curtains and doors. She was not allowed on that side of the property. Late in the night when her mother gets free from the duty, she crawls into the bed and snuggles Saleha. …

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Hello! I Need A Favor…

This post is Written for the Festival of Words, organized by WriteTribe.  The Doctors have surrendered to his addiction, no rehab, nor any anti-addiction medication can help him now. The truth is he has given on life long ago. Since the time …

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Unending Obsession

“You must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul.” – Ratatouille When he learned about his hidden powers, he could not believe it. Ruefully brushed it away thinking an …

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Journey to Home

Her eyes were wet, not from the salt in the air but with the sense of belonging. She still cannot believe her destiny, a girl so chirpy and tangled like her. How could this be possible? Not even in her …

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An Unsolved Tale of Kathgodam

This post is Written for the Festival of Words, organized by WriteTribe.  Prompt Used – “You’re traveling in a rental car when you hear the thumping of a flat tire. You pull over and discover the thumping is not coming from …

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write bravely

Lessons from the Past

“The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.” – The Lion King The white pearls neatly entwined on her fingers while she was checking him trying the grey …

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Mother’s Heart – #writebravely

Seeing you smile, my heart swells with happiness. I wonder how God designed such contendness! Just a few giggles or funny face; Bring glee & cheerness in my empty space. You add wilderness into my prime world! ….. and all …

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Music is for LOVE – #writebravely

Music is the Language of Love!! They say where words fail, Music keeps the conversation going. Remember that personal ‘LOVE SONGS’ list, Varied genre – Solo, Duet, or Harmony. When gloomy, sad, tired or low; Favourite numbers kept up the ghosts away. …

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Monsters inside my Head – #Writebravely

‘Monsters are real, so are the Ghosts! They Live inside us; and sometimes they WIN too’ – Stephen King With a smile he slipped the drink in her hand, she loved his eyes when he smiles; they sparkle. Ecstatic with the …

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Praying with the Bated Breath – #Writebravely

Only if eyes could talk, his grilling stare would have screamed the loudest. She moved silently towards the area pointed with so much annoyance. Her heart skipped a beat remembering last night. It was just one last time she devoured …

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writetribe terminal

Terminal – Reunion or Disparate #writebravely

Eyes on announcement screen, keeping track of incoming flights; Her heart was pounding with so many doubts! She was a teeny girl; when he left for better & good, Keeping it alive over internet & good old notes. Fidgeting in …

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Nostalgia – New Life’s First Home

  Looking at her pedometer she thought ‘Just few more steps; only few more‘ panting heavily. Few more rounds at jogger’s park will make her as well the walking device happy. She was in the last leg of her walk, …

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Misjudgment or A Pattern to Die – #writebravely

Walk by the seaside turned sour when I saw the gory site. A massive whale turtled and taking her last few prized breaths. Who wants to see them die? Our precious magnificent giants. Many were gathered to capture and click …

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