Praying with the Bated Breath – #Writebravely

Only if eyes could talk, his grilling stare would have screamed the loudest.

She moved silently towards the area pointed with so much annoyance.

Her heart skipped a beat remembering last night.

It was just one last time she devoured & ventured out!

Hours & hours of grit looks gloomy now;

Is it all gone for good, by a whiff of ONE night?

She somehow reached the zone, eyes tight shut!

One step at a time.

Looking at him; her insides churn! OH GOD save me this time….

With BATED BREATH & fingers crossed – she climbed the weighing scale,

Trainer’s eyes gawking for the digits to shine.

Digits moved up; but saved her in nick of time…

‘Gulp some water & do 50 sit-ups! No more tarts & sweet pies.’

Next shoot is with ‘healthy living’; you must look bright!

© Dipika Singh

I’m taking part in the Write Tribe ProBlogger Challenge.

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18 thoughts on “Praying with the Bated Breath – #Writebravely

    1. Hahah.. lucky you I would say then. Me & scale has a love hate relationship. Love for fewer times than could count on fingers;)

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