Terminal – Reunion or Disparate #writebravely

writetribe terminal

Eyes on announcement screen, keeping track of incoming flights;

Her heart was pounding with so many doubts!

She was a teeny girl; when he left for better & good,

Keeping it alive over internet & good old notes.

Fidgeting in alien shoes; not so familiar grace & lady’s etiquette.

Her mind was plagued with many questions – remembering old times & place.

It was summer time in mountains, when they disparate.

Her eyes always searched for him; his arms and embrace.

Today, after a decade they will meet – a gap so big, as new!

Would he recognize me or hold me again! the way he used to in old times?

Terminal announced the arrival; her eyes were cheating to give in.

Holding it together; checking her dress & RED carnations.

She can see a familiar face; with hearty smile & pepper salt hair;

He looks just the same, a little old maybe but never-mind!

but then, another face crops from behind; clutching his hand tight,

She has his eyes, smile & the HAND! ‘One I missed my whole life.’

He looked at her, smiled and waved!

Too numb to react, meekly moved her feet – to meet him & his!

The TERMINAL was chaotic, full to capacity..

But she felt alone, exposed and cheated by life & her own!


Iā€™m taking part in the Write Tribe ProBlogger Challenge.

Ā© Dipika Singh (gleefulblogger)

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