Nostalgia – New Life’s First Home


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Looking at her pedometer she thought ‘Just few more steps; only few more‘ panting heavily. Few more rounds at jogger’s park will make her as well the walking device happy. She was in the last leg of her walk, when a glance inside an open window reminded her something. Something that happened in another life it seems….


Newly wedded she entered his house, clad in the best designer gowns.

Eyes searching for a familiar face, from the crowd; in this alien place.

Many were gathered to see, the new bride – ‘bahu‘, ‘dulhan‘ now her names.

Empty walls, long faces; not a single smile – ‘Have I done a mistake?’ asks her worried mind!

Left her life, comfort, family, job behind; for him & his LOVE with all perks combined.

Different rituals, unalike customs, contrasting place! Missed her home, comforts of the familiar embrace.

Long veil & Nine yards; her new friends – with a promise to never apart.

Few more days and she will be a bird out of this Golden cage;

Craving to soar high! Breathe, breathe & breathe in the independent delight.

Counting every single day, she knew this is going to end soon. A Big city, home sweet home; away from this chaos, drapes & veil.

No more forced smiles, or nodding to words she can’t comprehend. No more unsolicited advises & lists of Do’s & Don’ts.

But the last few days made her realize, this is a home too; with a different lifestyle.

Clothes, customs, language can vary; but the heart inside is still the same – parents LOVE never change.

Finally LAST day has arrived; she hugged her loved ones and taken them by surprise!

Never happened in this house before – that a ‘bahu’ touched feet and hugged her Saas (Mother-in-Law)” told her better half with a wink & smile.

I am the answer to her prayers; a DAUGHTER she always wanted to bear’. She replied & brushed off tears – missing those Green painted empty walls & FAMILY left behind.


Reaching home she dialed a number – called her Maa and talked like forever. Now changed into a business suit, clicked a selfie to send with a note – I Miss You Maa & Papa. She still wears NINE yards and take veils, when visit them every once in a while. But now LOVE is the factor, not any empty ritual or a custom that it claims.

I’m taking part in the Write Tribe ProBlogger Challenge.

© Dipika Singh (gleefulblogger)

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18 thoughts on “Nostalgia – New Life’s First Home

  1. apki har post kahin na kahin kisi na kisi se relate karti hai, inface har kisi se thoda bahut hi sahi per related rehti hai ??
    Bahut accha likhty ho ????

  2. Loved the way you have defined relation between DIL & MIL. And its a happy sight to actually see these emotions nowadays around us. 🙂

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