Blind Date

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Rosanne is looking lovely in the olive green sheath dress, the fabric is draped perfectly well on her slim figure.

You are looking lovely Rosie‘, she quipped handing her a pearl-drop neckline. Her mother is euphoric with the thought that Rosanne going on a date.

Come on Mum, don’t give me that look. It’s not a big deal; alright!‘ she replied scornfully.

You are getting late now, get going girl. Don’t be so hard on him,‘ said Susan.

Susan was 17 when Rosanne was born, she was head over toes in love with her childhood buddy Tim. When Tim learned about a baby coming, he could not handle it and left 6 months pregnant Susan on her own.

She decided to go ahead with the child and picked up odd jobs for a living. Rosanne was a lovely child but very shy. An introvert, it was never easy to share her feelings with anyone. She found her first love in m&b’s and second in Tobler. Her only friend and pet, in fact, the only male in her life. Even at work, Rosanne keeps it to herself. Her colleagues have asked her to join them in post office drinks, but she always had excuses. Slowly, they stopped asking her out.

Peter and Rosanne met on the virtual world of internet. They have been chatting for eight years now on a social networking site. Those two hours every night is something they eagerly await every day. Today they will meet face to face, in person for the very first time. It’s an emotional roller-coaster for both they know each other so well, but meeting in person is a totally different experience.

The excitement was churning Rosanne’s insides and she broke into a sweat when the cab took a turn towards the cafe. Anxiety attack! She thought while getting a grip on her nervousness. The cab pulled over, it was the time to get down. She took a deep breath and gave her back a push to move ahead. It’s showtime! While stepping inside the cafe her eyes were searching for the man in blue. ‘Blue, I will be in blue Rosie.’ Peter told her previous night during the chat. They know each other so well inside out, but have never seen each other; not even in pictures.

She saw a man in a blue shirt, however, he looked a little heavier from Peter’s description. She started walking towards his table, he looked up and their eyes met. But before she could react a hand tapped her shoulder. She turned to find a handsome tall man with bright blue eyes looking at her with glee. Her heart fluttered and skipped a beat to see this beautiful smiling face.

Hey Rosie, here we are huh! our official first date, or shall I say a blind date.’ He held her hand and started walking towards their table. Rosanne was speechless her whole body froze, but hand. A quivering sensation running through her hands to heart and head. Her eyes were fixed on the floor, unable to contain her nervousness. Peter teasingly gave her a little peck on the cheek before pulling the chair for her. She turned red like a turnip and knew his eyes are fixed on her.

He had already ordered her favorite dishes and best wine of the evening. His eyes were transparent, the deepest shade of blue that talks about loyalty, love, passion, and much more.

I am unable to decide which is more beautiful Rosie, you or your words‘ said Peter. His words made her realize she is beautiful, for the first time she felt ‘wanted’, loved by someone other than mom. They talked for hours, laughed at little things discussed over chatroom. Spoke about life, future and much more. Peter decided to stay for the next two days, and they planned to go around for sight-seeing. Rosie had gone to trekking, cliffhanger many times during childhood, she is not a huge fan of heights. With Peter it is different, she wanted to spend some more time with him.

It was time to say bye for now, with a promise to meet again the next day. Before she could call the cab and say bye, he pulled her into his arms and kissed swiftly. She wasn’t ready for this but could not protest, it was love, passion, trust, and commitment. She could feel the warmth emanating from Peter’s hold, its a tight grip of love and a promise of forever.

Two hours is too less for love Rosie, I want a connection which is open 24 hours‘.

With these words, he handed her a tiny box, Rosie could feel water swelling in her eyes. She was in love with Peter even before they met, her heart ached with happiness realizing her loved her too. She opens the gift box with trembling fingers to find pearl drop earrings with almost an exact match with her neckpiece.

‘I do not want to rush things for your babe, think about me tonight. If your answer is YES, please wear these tomorrow’. All I wish for is YOU.


This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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  1. A beautiful story of love and hope. Hope she can find love and a good partner in péter.

  2. Hope Peter turns out to be The One for Rosanne. Good one, Dipika.

  3. It was such a lovely story. Hope is what keeps us all going. You should write these kind of stories more often. The way you narrate the tale is splendid.

    1. Lovely story! Very romantic. And perfectly ends with the proposal. I enjoyed very much. You put all the emotions. I can feel while reading this.

  4. She deserves every bit of his love and attention. People like Peter are rare. This is such a feel-good story, Dipika.

  5. Glad that the blind date turned out well. Happy ending 🙂
    – Anita

  6. Aww thats such a lovely mushy tale. I hope Rosanne lives happily ever after with Peter…

  7. I wish Rosanne decide not to wear the pearl set…probably she should study him a little bit more…I know I am an anxious mom reading it …hehe

  8. awesome beautiful full of romance fantastic story

  9. What a lovely, touching and super romantic story Dipika! Rosie found her knight in shining armour!

  10. Awe, too romantic. . I thought it would have been a ring 🙂 my bad, expected the usual scene. This was different.

  11. Aww I just loved reading this post and it was so sweet how love was truly in the air, she feel in love before she even met him.. Wow..!
    This was my favourite line… Two hours is too less for love Rosie, I want a connection which is open 24 hours‘. What an amazing blind date?

    1. Glad you liked the post. Thanks

  12. This is such a great and beautiful love story …I think you should write more such stories!!

  13. Interesting read, you had me gripped till the end. You a truly gifted.

  14. woow , so romantic story, dipo want more of it. Loving reading it

  15. Aw this is very romantic. It’s stuff like these which makes one believe in romance really.Liked the story.

  16. These days I am looking for reading to such romantic stories. Thanks for sharing this dear! 🙂 I enjoyed it!

  17. Wow Dipika, the story was flowing like a smooth flow of river. Liked the way story progressed.

  18. Wow Dipika, this is just an amazing piece. Loved the beauty of words and the way it turned out positive and happy

  19. This is such a beautifully penned down story. Loved how you have weaved a lovely story around the characters.

  20. This is a beautiful and heart touching story. I love the way you connected the situation well. I wish she gets what she wants.

  21. Aww such a cute romantic story. Try more fiction. You are good at it.

  22. Love and hope are the deepest hitting emotions and you have etched such a lovely story with them. Loved it!

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