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dreams never lie

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Saleha has seen her mother wailing alone, behind those flashy curtains and doors. She was not allowed on that side of the property. Late in the night when her mother gets free from the duty, she crawls into the bed and snuggles Saleha. The only words she ever heard from her were – ‘he will come and take us away‘.

Who was ‘he’, mother never mentioned his identity but she is sure he is not her father. At the tender age of six, she knew fathers don’t desert their daughter like this. Or is he dead? She heard many countries are at war for money and oil. “Is he dead mummy?” she had asked her mother many times but never received any response to her questions. As if she is talking to some ghost – white and pale. No blood only dark red swollen eyes, and a lean structure. She has even stopped eating properly, what if she will also leave me forever?

Saleha is a bright smart girl, even at the age of six with no formal education, she is knowledgeable. A quick learner with a fervor to learn the foreign languages. Her master receives many visitors in big cars, very well dressed and beautiful people. She never met those people but learned from ‘bibi’ they talk English. She loves this language and even try to imitate those who speak it. Even master once laughed at her broken English sentence – ‘I umm Saleha, Naaiice thu meeet uu‘. He gave her few books to learn, out of those she loved one with the cover of a Horse and a Girl. Determined to change her own and mother’s fate, Saleha strives hard to achieve and realise her dreams.

One night Saleha heard her mother sobbing inconsolably, she had no idea what’s wrong with her. Bibi told her she needs care and took her away into the back house cabin. She never came back from that room, alive. ‘Your Mother is happy and out of all her pains, she has become a Star in the Sky‘ said Bibi. Saleha felt lonely, not that her mother ever comforted her but she was the only relation.

Mala and Saleha have been living in this palace for eight years now. Her mother came here from another world with a man, he left Mala and went somewhere to never come back. Saleha was born to Mala during her tenure as house help in an influential citizen’s household. Fearing administration’s backlash he disowned Mala alleged her a whore. A childless bureaucrat couple was given her custodial guardianship, she was smart for her age to understand these terms. However, Mala developed critical anomalies and could never come out of her sadness.

Today Saleha Rushdi is 15 and already a name in achiever’s circles. She has represented her country in Olympics inaugural speech, a horse rider and also won a medal. The first women from her country to ever represented and won a medal. Her name is written in golden letters and is an inspiration to many who break under odds.

Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it.


This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Two Prompt used, “No matter how your heart is grieving if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true” along with the Photo Prompt.

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  1. Kudos to Saleha and everyone like here, who fight all odds and realise their dreams. Kudos to you, Dipika for writing this inspirational tale.

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thanks a lot Mayuri, this itself is motivating for me that you liked the post.

  2. A good story, Dipika! Felt sad for the young Saleha to lose her parents at such tender age. But glad she was adopted and provided opportunities and she took them with open hands. And she succeeded.

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thank you Anshu. Yes hopes, dreams, belief and achieving. A mixology of all.

  3. Loved it.

  4. Inspiring post. Good use of the prompt

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thank you Bhagyashree.

  5. This was such an inspiring story. Though grief over took her and she went through pain so early in life yet she believed she could achieve something in life. Fabulous post

  6. What an inspirational one Dips … life can take you places only if you decide to be the master of your destiny

  7. Achieving success in life despite challenges and that too at such a young age is simply awe-inspiring and incredible. More power to all the Saleha of this world!.

  8. Anagha Yatin says:

    From ashes rises the phoenix! From to gain, the journey of Saleha must have been one that of grit and determination.
    Wonderful story Dipika!

  9. Some people have it really hard, don’t they? Hats off to her to achieve her dreams despite not having any family to support.
    I didn’t get how her mother died. Did I miss something?

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  11. A sad story indeed but one which inspires us to keep moving forward.

  12. Your writing inspired me a lot , every single word of yours just build that deep interest

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thank you Alex.

  13. A sad story of a girl who lost her parents very early age but nothing stop her to achieve her dream..

  14. The starting gave me chills and the last raised my head with pride to read the story of Saleha, who rose against all the odds of life and did something which none of the women in her country could! Thanks Dipika for sharing this!

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thank you Jhilmil for your kind words. Glad you like it.

  15. jhilmildsaha says:

    Great story of hope & courage. Saleha is the identity of thousands of young boys and girls,.abandoned. I wish all those kids maje it as big as her.

  16. Such a beautiful and heart touching story… Your words invoke the pain of Saleha in our hearts… Gifted writer you are!

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Aww. thanks Mrinal for such kind words. Glad you like it.

  17. Shubhada Bhide says:

    That is such an inspiring story. Kudos to the Saleha’s world. Such a great reminder to move forward in what we need to do.

  18. Hats off for always coming up with such innovative topics yaa. This was really inspiring and out of the box post 🙂

  19. Nisha Malik says:

    Such an inspiration she is. She proved that strong determination can achieve whatever we desire. Thanks for sharing her story with us.

  20. Amazing and inspiring post. Beautifully penned thoughts. The story binds the reader till last. Great thoughts.

  21. Another beautifully written story with beautiful characters

  22. preety85 says:

    Very inspiring story… Saleha is an inspiration for everyone who stop dreaming after seeing difficulties in life, she proved that sky is the limit.

  23. Nice story dear.. I was tempted to read it twice. good going

  24. Sleha is a bravo for sure and inspiration for lot of us.

  25. Wow this is so inspiring.. fighting with the odds in life and coming up as a winner is so much proud moment

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