India Celebrates it’s 72nd Independence Day

Today India celebrates its 72nd Independence Day with much pride and galore. This is the day when India unites to reminisce struggle our freedom fighters went through decades ago. Days like these are a celebration of unity, strength, and prosperity.

On 15th August 1947, the UK Parliament passed the Indian Independence Act 1947. That Act transferred legislative sovereignty to the Indian constitution. Making India a free country, after a long battle of free India movement by our country’s brave freedom fighters.

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As young Indians, when we look at our country’s achievements the head raises high with a sense of pride. From the clutches of being slaves, we are the fastest moving economy and largest consumer market today. India’s representation marks a special position in all vital world forums. The journey of growing from rags to riches is a classic inspiration in itself and should be passed on to new generations.

Children get ecstatic with the joy of performing and celebrating Independence day at school. As parents, it is our duty to explain the younger generation about their beloved country.

What to look forward on the Independence Day

Speech by the Prime Minister of India

The one thing every Indian look forward to is Prime Minister’s speech from the iconic Red Fort, New Delhi. This speech, in particular, is most awaited, as it contains announcements and message for countrymen. The Prime Minister shares achievements, focal growth aspects, and political aspects of the nation. This year as well, the speech is the most speculated event on 15th August morning. As a common citizen, we learn about the vision and mission of the country’s helm.

Celebrations at the local level & societies

indian independence day

Flag hoisting and cheering is something every one looks forward to on the Independence Day. Local governing bodies, residential or commercial vicinities, schools and colleges arrange functions to celebrate freedom. From local leaders to special dignitaries are invited to hoist the national flag. Audience cheer and sing the National Anthem with vivacity and pride. For kids, it’s the celebration time with performances ranging from theatrics, singing patriotic songs, speech etc.

Tricolor treats – Independence day special
independence day
PC – CookingShooking

Independence day brings colored creativity out from all facets and angles in India. Be it the food or in-door decorations, one can see a vivid display of colors across the country. From the airports to schools, service stations to shopping centers. One can also find lovely gastronomical delights in tri-color on display.

Independence Sale & Discounts

Being a woman, how can I miss this one! Independence Day Sale is a special event in everyone’s shopping ventures. Online e-commerce sites or local markets, shopping malls or the largest of brands all give huge discounts to shoppers. These days are commonly known as ‘Maha Bachat Days‘ in Indian consumer scene. The big sale days is exciting, as it gives a plethora of options to consumer to select from. Amazon, Flipkart, Big Bazar, Reliance Mart, Jabong, Designer brands all offer amazing offers and discounts.

Learn more about the great Indian history  today

We live in the age of technology and information is never far from us, but are we actually aware. As a professional educator, I came across many instances where the younger generation has no inkling of past/history. Days like these – Independence Day/ Republic Day gives you a chance to learn about the early struggles.

One can find various books, documentaries on Indian independence on free online portals or libraries. Knowledge is the most valuable resource in the world. Know your country, learn about the history and also teach children about it. I make sure as a parent to watch documentaries played on television to learn and tell-a-tale to kid.

This Independence Day we have also taken a pledge to curb the plastics from our lives. I have been following this for a while now, and today have involved my family in it as well. Getting rid of a habit is tough, but when you notice and foresee a bigger good, it comes automatically to you.

On this note I wish each one of you to take a pledge and commit one ‘good-habit’ to your country. What are you committing on 15th August 2018 to the country and yourself?


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  1. जय हिंद ????
    Bhartiya hony per hume garv hai kyunki jitni freedom hum citizens ko hai shyad hi kisi aur country me hogi, baaki corruption n chaos to har country me hota hi hai
    Sale wala section sabki weakness hai na ??

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