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atal bihari vajpayee

A leader, poet, skilled orator, a remarkable leader who carved the strength of the nation we live in today. 16th August 2018, former prime minister of India breath his last at AIMMS, New Delhi. The day when India lost her most beloved son, Sri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

I am fortunate to have seen and heard his powerful speeches on television during the 1990s. Witnessed the proud surge of emotions during India’s nuclear test conducted in Pokharan in 1998. Ask any 90s kid, their idol inspiration among great Indian leaders and personalities, his name would often crop up from every mouth.

Media and the common man loved him for the persona he carried. Politics in that era was much different from how it is today. I remember dinner table talks between dad and granddad about how India is shaping under Atalji’s leadership. Elders usually call him ‘an institution’, for his knowledge and bold political decisions he signed.


A remarkable poet, who never minced his words but had a brilliant way of conveying hardest of issues with a smile.

“You can change friends but not neighbours.”
“Chote Mann Se Koi Bada Nahin Hota, Toote Mann Se Koi Khada Nahi Hota”
“Mein Jee Bhar Jiya Mein Mann Se Maru, Lautkar Aaunga Kooch Se Kyon Daru”
There are many such wonderful marvels written by him, “Maut Se Than Gayi” is one poem which is my personal favorite. It’s heart-wrenching to see him gone forever. This also makes me ponder on the thought – why such great leaders are in scarcity today?
Video Credit – Life of Sri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee in glimpse –
You will live forever in every Indian heart. In memory of Indian Great Leader – Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
Atal Bihari Vajpayee
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16 thoughts on “PM, Poet, Great Leader – Atal Bihari Vajpayeeji

  1. Very few leaders are there who actually follow what they say. He is one of the greatest because of his honesty, commitment & dedication towards the betterment of nation and its people.

  2. Though he was not well for last 10 years or so, felt sad when I heard the news. He was a great orator, have had goosebumps listening to his speeches and interviews on TV. He was a good friend of my babaji’s when he was in active politics and a regular at our old house. The last of the stalwarts of clean politics…

  3. Two of my favourite leaders of all times were Atal ji and APJ Abdul Kalam ji… They were the real leaders, brave, genius, kind hearted and beautiful souls!

  4. He is one of the greatest Prime Ministers India ever had. Indeed the country lacks such courageous leaders at the moment. Thanks for this post, I loved reading every line of it. His leadership was one of a kind. Not only he did what he felt was right and logical, but also he was bold enough to carry out this decisions.

  5. His contribution towards the preogress of our nation is noteworthy. Loved reading a glimpse of his journey through your post.. May his soul rest in peace

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