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Memories from your Childhood – #ThankfulThursdays

“Childhood Memories are Happiness Elixir of Life” Childhood the most amazing time of life – it’s just not said for the beauty of it, but for a simple fact everything is awesome ‘being a CHILD’. Your best friend is the world to you, fairy-tales come alive during nights, you talk to plants/grass/trees and no one […]

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I Finally Found YOU

It started over coffee, we started out as friends; It’s funny how from simple things; the best things begin….  Oh, I finally found someone; Someone to share my life;  I finally found the one – to be with every night;  Cause whatever I do…. It’s just got to be you!!! Oh!! I never dreamed it to be […]

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A special reminder

“You always take me for granted, when I won’t be here you will realize my true worth”. I uttered out in my defense while having an altercation with my man early in the morning. His expressions said a thousand words but mouth remained tightly shut, with that he left for office… Guilty sucks!! But now […]

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RIP to most reckoning Indian Cinema Actor: Om Puri

Om Puri passes away at 66 after a massive heart stroke! This news is flashing across all Indian News channels and social media is buzzing with his commendable work and achievements. I grew up watching weekly Sunday movies on our humble patient ever consistent Doordarshan Channel….desh ka pehle entertainment channel without masala. If you are […]

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