A special reminder

“You always take me for granted, when I won’t be here you will realize my true worth”.

I uttered out in my defense while having an altercation with my man early in the morning. His expressions said a thousand words but mouth remained tightly shut, with that he left for office… Guilty sucks!! But now the loose cannon has already been fired… With a heavy heart I started replaying the whole conversation in my mind again n again… but every time it looked back to me with poking eyes; questioning my outburst???

Plunging deep into the memory lanes, I went back from where we started. It was mid-2003 during my post graduation days; when I met this young man who was least interested in what’s happening around him but his gang & himself.

My basic instinct warned me to be far….. far…. far… away from such lethal combination of youth, does not give a damn attitude, handsome, buoyant kind of a guy. But destiny had ulterior motives, even after coming from different backgrounds, different mindsets or rather opposites to each other… our paths still collided and we fell prey to our fates. After initial na-na, ha-ha we jumped on the bandwagon of being hooked….life suddenly became very beautiful, romantically beautiful, very very beautiful and all the possible verbs, adjectives of beautiful.

Then came the toughest task of saying our byes… you got placed out of the city and I was still a student slogging myself in library and college’s phone booth. *I shall very soon write something on “life in a phone-booth”, as I passed many valuable hours of my life in a PHONE BOOTH; literally. I am an employee now at a renowned MNC and time got wings; days became months, months to years but our LDR (long distance relationship) is stronger than the steel. We together sailed our love-affair to a much higher relation which doesn’t need any tag to acclaim.

Commitments in such relationships are very tough to fulfill and especially when the parent’s consent is needed. Remember, how much we trolled on How & When to inform them??? But they somehow gauged our intentions, after all, they are our PARENTS ???

Your affection, your honesty, your compassion, your LOVE gave me the strength to stand and face my Dad’s wrath For me, it was a clear choice….either you or no one. I hope it’s the same for you as well (it better be same; if you want another course ofa meal at home) somehow we stood our grounds and God being really generous to us, something unbelievable (in terms of parents agreeing) happened and we officially got hitched in 2008.

It’s been 8 happy, lovely, romantic, great, gleeful years of togetherness. You have been a wonderful partner, infact a perfect partner…. like someone whom a girl dreams of after reading their mills & boons. You stood rock solid behind me when I faced your whole family, you were there beside me when I went crazy, after being written off as an unemployed chapter. You pushed me and coaxed me to try new ventures in life, you were always there when I tripped over my own mis-matched decisions, you were standing next to me; holding my hand tight, when I was bringing your daughter to this world (btw it was you because of whom I undergone that much pain) you were there in my life’s each and every small or big moment. You may not be the stars and moons, neither the flowers and chocolates, nor the diamonds and gifts (though I really wish you to be one like that ?) but you are mine and I am grateful to my stars to bless you with a woman like me…. errr…. other way around.

Here I am on my knees; for being such an ass …. to not to cherish what I have been blessed with. You make me complete dear darling husband…. I completely and madly love you…. and yes I will be with you for the next 7 lives (remember ganga maiyaa’s aashirwaad)

Dedicated to the Man of my life……

With love… thanks for reading. Please let me know your opinions about  post through your comments.

P.S: it’s always advisable to voice out your feelings to your loved ones.


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