To The Nature….with Love

An ode; a prose to Nature:

These are miracles; a blooming flower, a beautiful butterfly, a singing parakeet, a galloping mammal, a mushroom under the canopy, the happy chirping of birds and wallowing trees…

We call it by different names – some are metamorphosis, some are just life, but I know deep inside my heart… you are the one, with the magic and a spell to make us glee…

From where you learned the art of light show? I love it when you beat drums after every show…. or is it you telling me to get ready for the rains??? But just don’t stop it after a drop or two… 

In the morning, when birds sing… I feel my absent wings and look at you?? You smile and give me sunshine… to soak me in and I forget wings for a while…

The best of all is rainbow with its bend, they say it has a pot of gold on the end!! I never got any treasure there, but you always smile and show me abundance with pleasure.

One day I saw a beautiful butterfly, it came out of an ugly shell… with tiny hands and wings to fly. It flew past me with a hope, a hope to fly high and touch the sky…

Dear Nature,

You have been kind and generous enough to bring us to this life, your creation, your magic makes us going. As a mother you have taken care of our every need, from food to clothes, from health to shelter…. we are blessed with all thanks of you.

Even today, when we do not have much time to spare, you give us your best-kept secrets of youth and wellness. Your calmness and abundance have given us chance to grow and reach scales.

 But today as your wards, we must take charge and bring you the peace to rebuild the lost prowess. We must take care of you, for you to give my future generations the same you gave me.

We must rebuild the broken bond as it’s now or never…. today via SoulTree I wish to spread awareness to start giving back to nature if we wish to have a nurtured tomorrow. 

With Love,


© Dipika Singh

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