V.I.Personal note for you there…

I am here; on my own blog, writing my heart out… because…. YOU believed in me!!!

 You believed in my potential as a true bestie and pushed me to kick start my writing spree officially through a Blog. You gave me ideas, shared views, even gave me examples to get my head straight & start writing (sacrificing my happy sessions reading GOT)

You made it a point to always and repeatedly remind me to start, start, just @#$*% START. It was like do or let you down kind of situation for me, but I didn’t give up, because I could not see you heart broken. I know today reading my posts you are the happiest person… and your comments, your WhatsApp messages about my writing, matters the most to me. Yes Ms. Laxmi Kabir, I am talking about you. Love you.

Getting an idea and planning about a task in hand is the most easiest step, the mountain of challenges comes when you start implementing it….. but I had you to pull me out from all those technicalities….. I was so lucky to have you as my mentor… I know you since ages (okay 13 – 14 yrs), time has changed but you remain the same; bubbly, exuberant, lively, happy go lucky girl I knew back then. You guided me with patience and helped me on every single step from conception to publishing…. I have been bombarding you with tonnes of questions every single day; you solve all my worries with your signature smile and a tadkta-bhadakta dialogue in the end. Thanks for introducing me to blogging world Ruchi Di… and guiding me throughout this transition. Your simple likes & comments give me zeal to perform more…. So please keep loving me like this and inspiring with your words….

You technically don’t need a formal thanking note, as you are present in all my endeavours. You have been my source of strength, you give me wings to fly, to my heartfelt and let me soar high…. I never doubt myself when I have you as my support system. I know you like my reactions when I jump gleefully after every share, like or comment on my blog posts… your constant boost and try it out attitude help me live my dreams. Thanks for being there for me today and always… dear better half..Mr. Singh (i still need that new laptop)

And thank you all for supporting me, giving love to my blog write ups, by sharing, by giving likes and commenting on my posts. I am greatful to all of you there reading this post. Thank You, keep reading and let me know what you think about my writing.

Keep loving 🙂

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11 thoughts on “V.I.Personal note for you there…

  1. OMG!!!! I’m touched and loved by this gesture …this most wonderful intr of mine 🙂 love u darling <3 U deserve all happiness and you are wonderful in writing

    1. Ah… thanks a lot for giving some love to an old old post. I am sorry if it feels so sadly punctuated. Yes, true had been lucky to have right people at right places 😉
      Thanks again dear

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