Soaring high…. #ClickandBlogAStory

… I have my OWN name

I was always there; behind you under the darkest shadows: calm, quite, listening, learning from you how to do it right!
You turned around, pushed me in, pinned me down, cast me out, closed me in confides.

From a small creak within came a shine, brought me hope and sunlight… now that I have seen some light; I believe I can fly!

You stopped me yet again; gave me many names! I looked at you for a while; don’t cheer, I haven’t forgotten my plight.

Now I mean to fly, soar high in the sky; no I am not your kite, but a Bird with a happy nest full of delight.

My wings are quite large; I can shelter you and your entourage, don’t be shy; I can teach you too how to fly!


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