If stress could burn the calories well, I would have been size zero without even moving my finger!

It’s so easy to relent on something which we could not achieve or seems unreachable, the way we exercise our brain by feeding negativity/depression is capitulating. I have been through this phase, and realized all ‘stress’ gives me is….. NOTHING at all.

99% of things that I stress about never happen!

What is making all of us so stressed now a days? is it that we want to accomplish too much in a very short time or expect way out more then is given. Today everybody is running in a mad race of I, Me, Myself…

  • Physical stress: the fad of looking beautiful and acceptable in the society is a killer…. You are beautiful in your skin, have confidence in yourself and you will look far more beautiful than being a stick. Talk out is the best remedy.
  • Aspirations: aspire to achieve something is good; but over aspiration takes the soul away from it. “cut your dress according to your clothwe must introspect WHY, HOW & for WHOM!! Talk out is the best remedy.
  • Emotional stress: what if I fail in exams? what if I can’t do my job well? What if my in-laws won’t appreciate me? What if my husband finds me unattractive? What if my kid won’t get good marks? Life is full of these question marks but the best way to deal with it is STOP EXPECTING too much from life. Take it one at a time. Talk out is the best remedy.

I had a rough phase when everything looked dull & depressive, long hours of loneliness and thinking to the brink of bursting made me realize it’s just a waste of life that I have been blessed. Live your life happily, with loved ones to make it a celebration. We just got ONE life; live it to the fullest.

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