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Welcome to 26 Short Love Stories – a quick read to go on a fantasy ride of Mills & Boons kinda romance. Some stories are cooked out of imagination and some are part of real-life experiences (personal & borrowed). Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing 🙂

Pitter-patter of raindrops created a pleasant cacophony on the tin-shed roof. Usually, the chaotic college canteen was wearing a deserted look today. Reema decided to utilize this time and prepare for her inter-colligate seminar speech. This is the last leg of her MBA journey she commenced two-years ago, a very bright student, in fact, one of the best and the reason she is chosen to spearhead the students exchange program in her esteemed college. Prof. Nair (Vice Principle IIFT) announced her IIFT’s own prodigy in one of the interviews aired on National Television.

Madam, sit here or else you will get drenched“, said canteen waiter.

Her thoughts took an abrupt halt and she scanned around to check her surroundings. A bunch of students, her classmates mostly were sitting around as if waiting for someone anxiously. ‘What’s happening’, she waved to enquire around, ‘waiting for Abhay, yar!’ replied a guy from the lot.

Abhay! Her heart skipped a beat listening to his name and she turned back to her books in dismay. Mr. Showoff, college’s star, a business geek, and a pig-head she garbled in her head. There is nothing this man can’t talk on, current affairs, politics, literature, external affairs, politics, gaming, and business, just anything. On top it up, he is handsome like hell! They have a weird animosity from the very beginning when everyone backed Abhay for a business project-study but Reema took the lead and scored highest.

Clash of Titans, have you ever heard of that Ms. Padhaku“, Abhay commented when they began on the project last year. Reema, replied back after she won the title flaunting off her certificate – “Titan who, Mr. Showoff?” It was the last decent one-on-one interaction they had. After that, it was only snarls, angry looks, and unsaid animosity.

She saw everyone leaving the canteen as Abhay never turned up. It was her signal to go back to work and finish up before the commotion resumes. She was rumbling through the pages when a tap on the table made her lookup.

A set of grey eyes were looking at her with curiosity, ‘What are you doing here alone, didn’t you see the weather?

His grey sweatshirt was matching the intense eyes, tiny droplets falling down from hair to his cheeks and that strong jawline. He looks damn good in the stubble thought Reema, when he prodded again – “Hello! I am talking to you, milady!” Abhay was quizzically looking at her with a smirk.

What! Nah nothing, I was just taking notes for our program. You were saying something?” she bluffed to hide her clumsy reaction of checking him blatantly. How can he always look this hot? She whacked herself in head and got back to the present situation.

Well, Ms. Padhaku, can’t you do it in the hostel? Look at the sky it’s’ pouring heavily, or if you wish to get stuck here for reason that’s OKAY.” Reema glanced out of the canteen and could not see beyond 5 meters, it looks gloomy. She picked up the books, her bag and started to leave when he caught her hand, “How will you go? May I will drop you!

Oh, come on Abhay, I am not one of those who will blushingly accept whatever you offer. I know the way and can walk. Thank you for your concern.” She couldn’t feel anything except his touch on her hand. He still has the same magic on her, shrugging off his hand she started towards the exit.

The weather turned to worse in no time, streets were flooded and the main gates of the campus were locked. The security guard at the gate asked Reema to wait until it stops raining; she got so angry about being stuck here due to her stupidity. There were just a handful of college staff members who were busy sipping hot tea and chatting aloud. The whole floor was empty, the library and classrooms were closed so she climbed back to the canteen.

Thankfully it was working and has some people around. She ordered tea and sat in the same place she was sitting earlier in her favorite corner. Abhay was standing at the extreme corner; he saw her coming but did not acknowledge her presence.

It was obvious; she was rude to him in their last conversation. She earned it! Meekly Reema walked towards him with two teacups and an apology plastered on her face. He thanked her for the tea and started looking back to the oblivion.

What Happens next in the Story…

Will Reema apologize to Ahaby for her rudeness? What happens when you don’t express your true emotions/feelings? Come back here to read the next chapter in this short love story college romance love story.

This post is written for Blogchatter’s A2Z challenge – #BlogchatterA2Z a roadrunner challenge of 26 posts in April. My theme is 26 Short Love Stories and this is just the beginning.

Short Love Stories

Keep Reading and please share your feedback in the comments below. Let me know if you can connect to the story or if any particular ‘kind’ of love story you want to read.


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  1. Wow! What a lovely start. I love to read love stories. You portrayed it so beautifully. I am waiting for what happened next, did she apologize for her behaviour?

  2. When someone says romance, I get hooked. 🙂 Being a crazy mills and boon fan. I am definitely following your stories 🙂 can’t wait for next part

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