Oh! The City Of Mine…


Picture Prompt – Describe your City as if it were a person.

Mumbai – A beautiful lady with pearls and all things luxury. Elegant, classy and the most exclusive. But as women have many shades, she too comes with a few rough edges. Her heart is pure gold though, embraces one and all. She makes sure you have food in your tummy and hopes in your big dreamy eyes.

She has the warmth of a mother and glamour of a siren if you are allured – you are on your own!

My city is like a roller coaster ride, yes! definitely, it is. You ride high with aspirations and hopes, but keep a firm foot holding the ground. She can take you high, as your dreams and make them come true. But, giving nevertheless she too wishes to survive.

Many came and gone leaving her high and dry, she now has learned a lesson to be smart. Conniving at times, but if its the race for survival then why not.

My City – Amchi Mumbai – City of Dreams – Maximum City.


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