“Childhood Memories are Happiness Elixir of Life”

Childhood the most amazing time of life – it’s just not said for the beauty of it, but for a simple fact everything is awesome ‘being a CHILD’. Your best friend is the world to you, fairy-tales come alive during nights, you talk to plants/grass/trees and no one looks at you in a quizzical way. Everything bears the badge of ‘MY Favourite’ and mother loved you most when you were a child πŸ˜‰ plus what is ‘worry’? never heard of that being a kid!!


childhood memories

I bet each one of us have some amazing childhood memories, I had many and yes they are truly wonderful. I am fortunate to relive those whenever we cousins meet-up for reunions or get together. #ThankfulThursday is giving us a chance to revisit our childhood memories, I am thankful for that πŸ™‚

Childhood memory of – “What Do You Wish To Become When You Grow Up?” question.

childhood memories

When my school principal asked me this question many many years ago (can’t mention the age here πŸ˜‰ ) in-front of the entire school on some special day, I remember answering her with full confidence and grace – “Ma’am I want to become Helen!!”

Needless to say I was rechristened as Helen in school and principal never forget to mention that to my folks during parents-teachers meet. Phew… all I wanted to become that time was an exceptionally good dancer with all those fancy clothes and glamours make-up.

Childhood memory of ghost of the mirror

Summer vacation was the most fun time during school days in North India, we get to spend good 2 months at home with cousins and aunts who come to stay for vacations. I recall one such incident where my cousin sister (who is marginally elder to me) told me a scary COOKED-UP story of a ghost entering her mirror and during nights if anyone looks in the mirror, they can see their face turning into a ghost’s. πŸ˜€ can it get any more weirder than this.. today I laugh it off but during those days Oh Man! I was so scared of mirrors at home. Post 9 p.m I would shut my eyes and never look towards any mirror.

Childhood Memory of Parroting English Songs

childhood memories

English Pop Music was a craze during 90’s, MTV was launched around that time in India and at school “who knows this song”, “which is that singer” competition was at peak. As for putting up the best impression of Cool tag, I would sit in front of television set with pen and paper and try my level hard to understand what Bryan Adams or MJ or Enrique is singing (and mind it I come from a very small industrial town of Uttar Pradesh, Firozabad – which is famous of it’s glass work and bangles)

Coming back to my memory, when exam results came out and Dad found I was more keen in writing songs instead of mathematics – cable connection was terminated indefinitely.

Memories are beautiful, make sure you preserve them for lifetime. Treasure your Motherhood Memories for the precious little ones.

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    1. Hahah na na not at all.. i have two left feet in dancing. Such a shame being a punjabi πŸ˜‰ but my little miss is compensating me for that.. she dances mera uska dono ka

  1. Helen, huh? I can’t blame you for wanting to be her. Her dance, costumes and the accompanying music were mindblowing. Who knew she was the vamp or anything? I too liked her.
    MTV…yes! that too. It was forever the channel I tuned into though I loved the cute Hindi albums that were the rage then. Especially that of Falguni Pathak.

  2. Now I am nostalgic babe… I asked my brother who was 6 yrs old that time..What u want become in your life.. He said mummy πŸ˜‚.. You know why he said, coz as a child he thought it’s easy to being a mom.. All u have to do is dusting and sleep.. Nothing like childhood..

  3. Hahaha!! Absolutely loved reading your post, Dipika. You wanted to become Helen, and I wanted to become Madhuri Dixit. Lol!! And MTV was a craze…I wouldn’t budge from the front of TV whenever BSB song came. What fun memories!! Thank you for this post.


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