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Looking back at my Parenting Journey – #MMM

Parenting Journey Biology is the Least of what makes someone a MOTHER – Orpah Winfrey

Parenting/Motherhood is a bag full of emotions; you get anxiety, happiness, overwhelmed, confused, contend, tired, amazed many things mixed on one helluva cocktail. Today on the edge of 5 wonderful years of my Parenting Journey, I sit back and look at the things with a smile & a contented heart. Together we sailed through the most challenging early years of motherhood… together as in me & my little miss muffet 😉

parenting journey

When she arrived in my life I had no clue how to handle such a precious gift I am blessed with. First six months were ever so tedious and tiring, juggling with many things at the same time, late night hunger calls from baby, many sleepless hours and much more….. but today when I look back I feel pride – Yes I did it 😀

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Like every first time mom even I was full of zillion questions about the whole course of bring baby to life but no one nearby to answer except the Doctor. Picking up the online resource was the only solution I was left with, and thank goodness for that!! My whole pregnancy was easy (well almost) and same is with the parenting journey (till date).

However, there are some things which if I re-visit my parenting journey would love to do little differently….

parenting journey

  1. Handling Stress –

    Postpartum experience for me was not very pleasant one, I had to suffer with extreme weight loss and weakness along with a nagging back-ache. Today being an experienced mom I wish if the post delivery planning would have done in advance with taking care of most important and vital thing – mom care.

  2. hiring help in advance –

    Due to ignorance (or say sheer pressure from my folks) I did not plan anything in advance of baby’s arrival, so much so that even the clothes had to be bought the day she was born. Mom-in-Law came for some crucial days but she left within 15 odd days post birth. I was traumatised with the work-load, slowing down hormones and no one to seek help from. A big mistake, I agree!

  3.  Career Break –

    The Doctor I was consulting during early days of pregnancy gave me jitters of ‘take full rest’ and ‘no travelling’ which directly interfered with my professional life. Sabbatical so early at that stage gave office an excuse to put my name on back burner and slowly I had to put an end to that turmoil. Only if I had taken a second opinion then, I would have been able to work till my very last phase as technically everything was good with the baby (as per my second Doc & the best one)

Apart from these few things I really do not wish to change any thing from my parenting journey and enjoyed each and every milestone with my precious peach.

If you were given a chance what would you like to change in your motherhood journey? Share with us in the comments…

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parenting journey motherhood

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  1. Nice post , would say better if was more organized and could also have given some thought of my health , which I could not .

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thanks Ghazala 🙂

  2. Zainab says:

    I also suffered from backache! And, that was super ugly!
    I would have planned so much had I know what to REALLY expect , outside the box!
    Great post!

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thanks a lot Z ?

  3. Kavita Singh says:

    I agree with the career break part. I tool ot way before it was required. ??? Just because of my paranoid behavior at that time….??

  4. Arrival of a baby gives a break to the professional life. And if not planned leads to temporary depression. We need time to adjust to new situations.

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Absolutely.. thanks dear

  5. This is superb and I can so well relate to this as I went back to work in just 2 months of my delivery and the iddue of maid was a big trouble that time.

  6. I totally agree with the ‘hiring’ help! This post will help all first time moms

  7. Aesha Shah says:

    Initially I was very impatient and I used to lose my temper. I would really want to change that now. I am trying my level best to be calmer while dealing with my daughter now as she understands more and is in her growth age.

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thank You 🙂

  8. A career break is the thing which makes maximum mum undergo depression being mentally prepared helped me a lot

  9. All moms realise these things late and I guess that doesn’t make us any less of a mom but surely make sus think of those times. Good one Dipika. Thanks for linking up with #MMM

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thanks Deepa.

  10. Ask for help is a real important thing least for a month or two..I did not let my mom in law leave my place for two months..n glad she agreed..

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      How sweet of her. Thanks for connecting dear

  11. It requires a lot of planning before the arrival of the baby. Thankfully my family did all that for me. Now, when I look back I realise that how difficult that phase was but I managed to sail through with the support by my family.

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Luck you indeed to have a strong back up of family.

  12. I had a full time maid only after my daughter was 14months old. In my opinion you should look a good baby sitter as early as 7-8 months pregnancy. You can get one from here as well –

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      True that Ekta…
      Will visit your soon Thanks

  13. Even I had no help from anyone after Merog turned 3 months old. And career break took a toll on me! I was into PPD due to all such reasons.

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      I can relate to this well.
      Thank you so much for stopping by

  14. Prisha Lalwani says:

    hiring help in advance – Yes yes yes!!!

  15. Simple yet powerful thoughts. Enjoyed it reading it, Dipika!!!

  16. Anchal says:

    Keep sharing your experiences. Would be very helpful to the new moms 🙂 I was with my mom for three months post partum. Made a lot of difference.

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thanks a lot Anchal

  17. Had my mother’s support from day 1 my lo was born and i must agree it was the greatest help as she was there till i got back on my feet…Did make a lot of difference..

  18. Afsha Galar says:

    I think asking for help can solve a lot of problems !! A lot of people shy away from doing that

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      True that

  19. My mom was by my side and we had planned for some clothes n all. But sleep I swear I couldn’t get.

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