What is Motherhood for you? – when I am asked this question during chat sessions or blogger events; I usually get rattled to fix a decent answer. How will you define a “feeling” which is ever evolving? How can you describe it, frame it in words/sentence? I was blessed with this joy some 4.8 years back and since then…. not even a single day has gone dull. Can you believe it!! Not even one 😂😂😂

When I try to remember my life before her arrival, it was ‘Quite‘ yes indeed well planned, quite and effective/productive days, but at the same time empty; empty of all the fun I have today. Empty of all the upside-down illogical things I laugh at today. Empty from all impromptu demands which can’t be met immediately but only wondered where did this come from 🤔 Life today looks messy, exhausting, noisy, crazy, cranky; but it’s beautiful with her presence laughter.

So, what’s that one things I love being a Mother?

Not one I love it all… I love the morning kiss to late night snuggle. I love freakish demands at odd hours to unexpected disasters from the least expected objects – can you imagine what a tornado of a disaster a simple chocolate sauce can do? When it goes on floor & things instead of food… phew….

I love all those questions which I had answered sneaking into a cocoon. I love her fetish Color-Coded demands in fashion (did I mention PINK is uuhhh). I love doing last minute changes in menus and then redoing it post rejection.

I love me freaking out seeing what new ‘karnama’ she’s up to, when there is complete silence for more than 5 minutes. I love watching same repetitive cartoons day and day out everyday. I love when she gets angry and then expect me to pamper her infinite times.

Motherhood is a world in itself, not one but every aspect of it is magical. And it’s sheer patience of mother’s that we handle it so perfectly. If it had been that easy, dad’s would have done it (taken) When my single friends say they are tired, exhausted; I strongly feel like transporting them to a far distant, stranded place on corner of the earth with no one but my baby.

Image credit- Linda Wooten

The labor pain I endured during her arrival, can very well be termed as – ‘Statutory Warning‘ from heavens telling, accept at your own risk 😂 But whatever it is, I am more than happy that I have taken this plunge. I love this transition of wife into mom. 


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  1. Beautiful thoughts Dipika. I agree there are so many moments as a mom that its difficult to say which one we love most. Hugging, kissing, running around, scolding, crying, pampering and much more is motherhood. Thanks for linking up with #MMM 🙂

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