“I am proud of many things in life but nothing beats MOTHERHOOD”!! 
My entry for #MondayMommyMoments on Motherhood & Memories: Cherish them for Life.
I am not the only one who truly believe in this quote, each and every mother on the planet surely would be proud of this transition. Motherhood memories need to be cherished for life, we all have our own ways and methods to preserve memories, keep them ever lasting, don’t we?
Motherhood came unannounced anxiety, curiosity, lots of confusion were my only thoughts then.. but slowly when we progressed together for a common goal, the feeling became overwhelmingly positive and hopeful. Today, when I recall those early days… I feel to pat my own back!!! How well I managed whole transition all on my own 😉
motherhood memories cherished
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I recall those blurred photographs of my childhood, some torn some featureless in my mother’s family album which she treasures more than her jewels 😉 I tried my level hard to flick a couple of those teeny meeny me clicks… but man no Luck!! She’s quite vigilant when comes to saving pics – her all time favourite mom dialogue – “I have just these with me, let me have my memories with me“, no one can utter a single word post that. All I wish if we had technology then…..

motherhood memories cherish Options to Cherish your Motherhood Memories

        1. Digital Photo Frame

          So that we are living in the gadget world, hence this one tops my list too. I had no idea what this is all about as I was never (even today) a camera person, until I overheard two ladies talking about it during my final trimester of pregnancy. Some clicks on google baba, and bingo I ordered my Digital Photo Frame from XElectronics, this one comes with a remote… You will truly love it.

        2. Portable External Hard Drive with Mobile Device Backup

          On my solo trip to Aussie land way back in 2006, I gifted myself a digital camera (for God know what joy) the real use of that Sony handy camera came to life when we were blessed with our little one (ok so this was the agenda then) I clicked her pictures on hourly basis and saved them on my machine tagging her age, day, year etc. Saving the same on portable HDD is always advisable, I use Seagate 1TB Portable Hard Disk Drive..

      3. My first Baby album

      Like any other new mum, during family and friends visit even I was bombarded with baby care product hampers. But one from Johnson’s Baby Care Collection had something much more interesting and precious. My First Baby Album – Oh I loved the colours and graphics (pink it was 😉 ) Today when my little miss try to read from album and check out her ‘just born picture’ the smile on her face is a blessing.

    1. 4. Quilt made from baby clothes

      This I learnt from one Mother Forums on Facebook, I loved the idea as we all love keeping small clothes of our precious ones for various reasons. I had many of her frocks, socks, caps, mittens, pillows, body suits etc… in real good condition. This lady (artist) created a master piece from all those old clothes, what a talent and KYA IDEA HAI MADAM JI.

    2. 5.Baby hand feet casting kit

      Gifted by my better half’s boss, I instantly fell in love with the idea of preserving the hand/feet cast of my miss forever. Whenever, she gets the chance to touch it her first point is to check how much she has grown from the cast… and I yell from behind careful 😉

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