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Save Memories for Lifetime in Wall Picture Frames

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Keep your memories alive for today and forever. Childhood is special and so are the memories of it. When I open a few old dusted albums and scan through the images, it brings life to old forgotten things make them afresh again. The mind goes into a spiraling canvas of memories, how we used to play in the old verandah. Steal raw mangoes from granny while she religiously clean, cut and dry it for her ‘aam ka achaar‘. Mom’s olive green saree which she wore on my 12th birthday or Dad’s new scooter. These are few precious childhood memories which we want to save and cherish for life.

Capture the moments to create memories for life

Smartphones and advanced technology today made it so easy to capture a perfect moment. Our communication devices come up with the best resolution cameras, it is easier than ever to click images and save forever. ‘Forever’, until you are not stuck with a technical calamity.

2006 July, was special to me the year I went on my very first solo international travel. Australia is a dream destination, and I am fortunate to be sent to Aussieland for a few months on a project from office. A beautiful country and straight out-of-the-postcard landscapes and beaches to die for. I visited almost all tourist destinations alone and few with office colleagues. But those memories have been wiped out from my life’s hard disk. Irrevocable damage!

Another calamity hit us, a couple of years back when personal laptop stopped working and we had to get it rectified. The technical expert had to format the entire machine, gulping away our daughter’s early childhood days. That was the time I decided to convert happy moments into memories which can be lived, touched and felt without any hurdle.

childhood memories wall picture frame

Wall Picture Frames – Best way to keep Childhood Memories Alive

Recently I learned about an online website – Photojaanic, it helps you in making precious moments in life more valuable. With their wide range of products, they transform memories into reality. The products are too good to resist and beat up the boring home decor with nice, beautiful wall picture frames, mounted picture and much more.

The products Photojaanic offer –

  • Photobooks
  • Prints
  • Wall Art
  • Cards
  • Stationary
  • Gifts
  • Wedding cards and more
  • Calendars

With a plethora of options to pick from, one can get their pictures into reality. I have been a huge fan of their wall art collection and hence ordered ‘family collage’ wall picture frame. In less than five steps you can get your own personalized memorabilia.

Few Steps to bring your memories alive

Register on their website, by using some simple signup steps.

Once registered you can choose the product from the wide variety of options available.

After the selection, next window will let you upload image/images to add on the product. You have various options to personalize the image.

Upload, personalize the image and add to your cart. Pay by using easy payment options and bring your ‘personalized memories’ to life. Isn’t this super easy?

So what are you waiting for? Don’t wait for any special occasion and bring home some amazing photojaanic beauties home.


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  1. Agree with you Dipika! Memories need to be preserved. And what better way than turning them into albums or wall pictures. I too have a lovely photo book of Little A that I got it done from Photojaanic. My daughter still likes to turn the pages every now and then to see the changes in her.

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Oh that’s nice Anshu, glad to know you have photobook from Photojaanic. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. These products are really fascinating. A sure shot way to keep beautiful memories for lifetime in a nice way

  3. Loved Photojanic just checked their website they have so many ways to personalise photos and the wall hanging is such a good idea to preserve memories

  4. I like this idea of memories wall picture. Infact this is a agreat gifting option too on someones anniversary , birthday and I think as now Rakhi is coming will get this for my kids as a gift.

  5. Great to know about this website. With this idea we can keep our beautiful memories for lifetime.

  6. THAt was such an adorable picture in a pretty frame. I love photobooks. Gotta check photojaanic.

  7. Frames and photo albums are a great way to save and treasure pictures and memories. I will check photojaanic to know more.

    1. photojaanic is new for me but looks really useful.

      Collections of good memories in the wall with the help of this site is really hassle-free task.

  8. I agree with you !! Even I also lost few of my favorite pics just coz hard drive was crashed … It’s a great way to keep memories fresh forever and relive it everyday

  9. Best way to store memories for lifetime..I will also try to store my memories

  10. Indeed a great way to keep memories of lifetime safe and intact always!

  11. wow i love frames. And this is such a wonderful post. I will surely check photojaanic.

  12. In this digital age, having photoframes is a must. Minimal yet Nostalgic. Great, Informative post Dipikaji 🙂

  13. […] or posters. With the help of little DIY tips available on the internet, you can make brilliant photo-frames all yourself. I often refurbish the old ones, using glitters or the craft decorative hacks which […]

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