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ice tea benefits

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Are you a Tea person? Well, I am for sure! The morning ‘masala chai’ is a daily ritual, I have been following without fail. Last month I decided to go ‘zero-sugar’ to combat certain health issues. Chai did not taste good anymore, and I switched to substitutes. Benefits of green tea are well known, black tea and iced brews are also on my list as best beverages. Now, you might ask me why Ice Tea, is it healthy? Absolutely, Ice tea is healthy if they are sugar-free and infused with 100% natural ingredients and non-GMO.

Ice tea with a difference

If you are a regular at my blog, you might have read about my love for green teas. They are healthy, sugar-free, zero calories and full of anti-oxidants. Ice teas are also filled with natural benefits when infused with traditional herbs. TE-A-Me Iced Brew offers healthy, natural, and flavorsome ice teas for everyone. I am in love with the ice tea flavors they offer –

  • Lychee
  • Mint Green
  • Wild Berry
  • Peach
  • Lemon

All these seasonal fruits are rich in vitamin C and loaded with anti-oxidants. You get the same goodness in your brew without any extra pinch of sugar. Isn’t this healthy?

Ice tea flavors
Image – TE-A-Me

Make Healthy Ice Tea at Home

Brewing tea is an art; I am not using hyperbole if say so! Ask those who swear by their favorite brews. I have got this art from my mother, she loves mixing two different kinds of tea leaves with few Indian herbs to bring special – ‘Maa ke haath ka swad‘. (Mom’s magic)

The better half and I, we both love having iced teas during our elaborate luncheon or dinner dates. When he asked, if we can prepare such delicious drinks at home, it took me a shopping spree. Picking up some ready-to-make iced teas powder we tried having our brew ‘made by us’. But the end result was scary, tasteless and extremely high on sugar. We dropped the idea and continued with healthy concoctions of green tea.

Recently when I received the sample pack of Te-A-Me Iced Brew tea it took me by surprise. Delicious, healthy, infused with 100% natural ingredients and no added sugarNON-GMO, gluten-free, and no artificial colors. Voila! who wants anything more? You get a freshly brewed best ice tea at home.

Make it at home is easy peasy, all you need is cold water, ice cubes, ice tea bags, and a stirrer. (Yes, no boiling required) Place tea bag in a glass, pour cold water over it. Add ice cubes and stir well. Water is changed into a healthy and delicious ice tea.

Known Health Benefits of Ice teas

First, this is the best substitute for regular tea.

Iced Tea is the best drink to destress and relax during summers.

Unsweetened Ice Tea with natural spices or fruit extracts is best for boosting immunity and helps in weight loss activities.

Natural Ice teas are rich in antioxidants which is good in the detoxifying process.

It relaxes nerves during acute migraine pains. This is a purely individual experience, as I have a chronic migraine. During migraine episodes, I take ice tea and have seen relaxing benefits.

Keeps you away from cavities, yes! Help you fight bad breath too.

Ice tea flavours

Ice teas in five delicious flavors at Te-A-Me are available online. Get your favorite flavor in one individual pack or buy a sample pack with all-five-in-one. What more, you can also get 10% off on ice-brews if you order now. It’s the launch day today after all 🙂 I am loving my homemade lychee ice tea, which is your favorite flavor out of these five? Don’t’ forget to share with me in the comments below.


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  1. Herbal teas are a part of my daily routine. Though you mostly have to compromise in terms of taste. It’s great that now we can drink iced teas with health benefits. I am loving this range.

  2. This indeed is an ice tea with a difference. I shall try it soon to enhance my monsoon experience

  3. I so wanna try this. All of the flavours sounds so tempting.

  4. Indeed it’s time to make water more healthy and tasty. Great ice brews for refreshing monsoons. Loving all their flavours more so peach and lychee.

  5. I love herbal and iced teas… These flavours are so tempting… Definitely going to try out the lychee flavour as it is my favourite ❤

  6. This is best to sip in such gloomy weather and get refreshed.

  7. Oh I simply love lemon flavor but I am equally tempted to try these other flavors by this promising brand.

  8. wow !!! nice blogpost. Love to know that they have many flavors. love to try it.

  9. This herbal with fuit flavour so good . I would love to try this for sure. Infact Ice tea is my favourite.

  10. Sugarless ice brews. The best one can make use of water in its tastiest form in a healthy way.

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  14. This is such a healthy and refreshing option as against regular tea which is not very suitable for hot and humid days

  15. True this are amazing drinks and hit all the tike at my himw too

  16. Iced teas are the perfect refreshing and healthy option against aerated drinks. So many different flavours, I’m spoilt fo choice!

  17. I love herbal tea. This seems like a healthy option as it doesn’t need to add sugar.

  18. I love drinking ice tea and so many flavours making me drool.

  19. It’s great to see tea in different fruit flavors, I will add this tea in my grocery list.

  20. I love Tea and Iced Tea is my favourite. Have been preferring lemon iced tea always, but these flavours do sound exciting. Would love to try them. Thanks for sharing..

  21. I love Iced Tea but the amount of sugar it contains makes me limit my intake. Thanks to you I heard of Tea-a-me and that it is sugar free. Very informative post, Dipika and i am hoping to try Tea-a-me soon.

  22. interesting brand promotion thanks to sharing

  23. I developed green tea addiction when I was working in Japan and like you I too love them a lot dear and these drool worthy flavours and enticing to taste them at the earliest

  24. I have used these teas at home and I loved the flavor

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  29. I am really a health-conscious person. I take tea only on winters.

    I believe in natural ingredients. So I will definitely try this?

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