Natural Green Tea for Healthy Body & Stress-free Life

A Cup of Good Tea, Makes every thing Better!

A Good Tea makes morning bright and refreshing, the first thing I prefer early in the day is – my TEA. There is nothing as relaxing and soothing as sipping a freshly brewed natural tea. This post is dedicated to all those tea lovers – who are always in search of good brew teas.

TE-A-ME – A Tea For Every Me

TE-A-ME - Buy Teas Online in India

I have recently received the aromatic Teas from Te-A-Me for testing and share the reviews. Natural Green Tea is an important routine of day, I usually have it during long breaks between meals. Or when twiddling with some thoughts, trust me sipping a hot Green Tea instantly helps.

About TE-A-ME

TE-A-ME is brought to you by Madhu Jayanti International Limited. With a heritage of producing some most fine natural teas, Madhu Jayanti began its journey in 1942 with the vision. ‘Continuously flavor freshness in every sip of tea consumed around the world‘. Serving 10 Million cups every day, across 42 countries. Proficient in understanding country specific tastes and developing products that suit a variety of taste choices. In their own words –

“We firmly believe that tea is a versatile drink that can evoke a variety of feelings and emotions with every sip. TE-A-ME is our first step towards bringing out the functions of tea to consumers around the world. We also believe that tea tastes best when unadulterated with artificial flavours and additives. Therefore all our teas are made from 100% Natural Ingredients and REAL spices.”

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Aromatic Natural Green Tea

With a wide range of Green Teas, TE-A-Me offers flavors for everyone. Natural Green Teas comes with the goodness of nature – Fruits and Flower extracts and many health benefits. With constant migraines, sometimes it gets tough to manage everything. Natural Teas has always helped me in relaxing and soothing out the pain – Thankfully.

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1. Natural Green Teas to Purify –

TE-A-ME - Green Tea

Natural green tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have useful effects on body. Helps in boosting the immunity with its goodness, also provides benefits from health issues. Some of the most common ailments addressed are –

  • Weight Gain
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Oral Health
  • Blood Pressure
  • Depression, etc. buy Natural Green Teas here.

2. Tulsi Green Tea – 

TE-A-ME - Tulsi Green Tea


Natural Tulsi Leaves (sacred herb) blended with green tea to give you refreshing aromatic healing Tulsi Green Tea. This is an ultimate soother for soar throats and reduces stress. Tulsi is well known for its cleansing, detoxifying and purifying properties. It also helps in flushing out toxin from the body. Loaded with antioxidants which aids immunity, it is also a mood booster. You can get Tulsi Green Tea here.

3. Kashmiri Kahwa Tea

ingredient-GREEN TEA ingredient-CINNAMON ingredient-CARDAMOM

Well, we all know the benefits of – Green Tea, Cinnamon, Cardamom. When all three blend together, it brings perfect taste of Kashmir in your cup. One of my favorite picks from the four, I love having it with a little drop of honey. Just the prefect blend and tastes awesome when freshly brewed. Buy it here.

4. Honey Lemon Green Tea

TE-A-ME's Honey lemon Green Tea

One can actually taste the fresh lemon flavor in this tea. Natural green tea, blended with lemon zest infused pure honey to create aromatic Honey Lemon Green Tea. I love to have this after a heavy meal, as it instantly soothes out the discomfort. Uplifts mood with its citrusy smell, you can get your cup of Honey Lemon Green Tea here.

Natural Green Tea has its benefits and wellness effects well known to all. Doctors across globe refer green teas for relaxing, soothing and calming effects. Te-A-Me has a wealthy green tea treasure trove with huge variants available for all tea lovers. 100% natural green teas which does not taste bitter and full of health benefits.

You can now use coupon code DIPIKA20 and get 20% discount on your green teas at Te-A-Me

The green tea packs are PR samples, provided for honest feedback and review. The details mentioned in the post are true to author’s knowledge and for information purpose ONLY.

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  1. I love drinking tea. It is indeed my stress reliever after a tiring day and it is something I can’t live without. This product looks great.

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