Micronutrients – Know Why They Are Essential!


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One of the biggest challenges you face during parenthood, is feeding your newborn baby with the right foods and nutrients. For a sound physical and mental growth inner nourishment is very crucial. Until one becomes a parent, one will never know the grind involved in taking extensive baby care. Here we are going to help you address concerns around the nutritional needs for a baby. Along with the right ways to imbibe them in your child’s eating habits.

Know the Value of Micronutrients –


When we talk about an infant’s nutritional needs, it is impossible to miss the importance of micronutrients. Required in lesser quantity, but are of paramount importance in a baby’s growing years.

Do you know – micronutrients are one of the most ignored aspects in daily nutrition needs of a kid? 

Micronutrients have a major contribution in building the immune system of a child, and protecting children from infections and diseases. These essential minerals and vitamins, such as – zinc, iodine, iron, vitamin A, B, & C, and calcium. These are essentials what a child needs during the growing years. The initial 1000 days of a new born baby are the most crucial in the cognitive development. As this is the time when 90% of the brain’s development occurs. Lack of micro-nutrients like iron can lead to impaired cognition in a child.

Deficiency can be real health threat –

The symptoms of micro-nutrient deficiency in a baby are usually not visible, and so the problem often remains unattended. Due to this nature, deficiency is often termed as ‘Hidden Hunger’. This trait of the disorder is also its biggest threat, as the damage occurs without any sign of it. While a child may seem full belly, but deficiency of micronutrient mean that his/her body is still craving for healthy nutrition.

A major part of the solution is rather simpler than it may seem, it lies in making the right food choices. Which includes inculcating the habit of eating healthy.

  • Diversifying food choices,
  • Food fortification,
  • Supplementation are ways to introduce healthy food in an infant’s diet. To keep up with his physical and mental needs of proper nutrition.

The key here is to focus on expanding the food options, rather than just depending on the available choices around you. Adopt innovative ways of feeding your baby, and thereby making the process less stressful.

Small changes in food habits will help bring a huge difference and make the process easier for you and your baby. It is time to make healthy eating a way of life, and not a mere option. Hope this article will help to understand the need of Micro-nutrients required in our daily lifestyle. Mention your choice of healthy nutrition addition in child’s daily food options in comments below.

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30 thoughts on “Micronutrients – Know Why They Are Essential!

  1. Bahut useful post hai, humare tym per Raagi hi easily available tha, jo ki bahut healthy option tha ? abhi to sab bahut vigilant ho gaye hain aur aap sabki help bhi milti hai ?
    Main isko apni beti ko jarur bhejti hu ??

    1. So true Jhilmil, macro nutrients is something we keep running after. Micro nutrients are crucial and very necessary.

    1. Yes Charu, you got it so well. Food diversification is very crucial to have full nutrition. Thank You for reading.

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