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“The Healthy Dose of Hydrolyzed Protein”

Around a month back, during routine in-body check-up at gym the trainer raised an eyebrow seeing my health card. Shrugged his shoulders in dismay and called me to discuss the report – a monthly drill. Despite loosing quite a few kilograms, he doesn’t look happy with my progress. In fact, he changed my entire diet chart and warned me to stick to Protein Rich Diet. Protein deficient, and me?

Some Facts about Protein

Proteins are a key component of macronutrients which are needed for the growth and development of the body. It helps in the upkeep of muscle-mass. Aids in the effective functioning of enzymes and hormones. Transports oxygen, make hairs and nails healthy. Also, supports immunity and is a source of energy.

However, this crucial element is taken very lightly in our daily dietary requirements. Some staggering facts about Protein deficiency are –

“93% of Indians are unaware of their idea daily protein requirements,” said Mr. Bakshi, Director – Marketing, Danone. Well, that’s true – because I assumed 1 whole egg and 1 bowl of lentils twice a day would be sufficient. However, reports suggest something else.

“An IMRB survey suggests that 73% of urban Indian population is Protein deficient”

“73% Indians believe green leafy vegetables are a good source of Proteins. 29% Indian think that their regular diet will do justice. 30% Indian believe that 1 egg a day is enough. (this sounds familiar)”

Learn more about Proteins –

On 15th February 2018, I got a wonderful opportunity to be part of Blogger’s Event on Health & Nutrition from Protinex India. This event gave me some eye-opening facts about how ignorant we are about our daily Protein requirements.

During the event, the expert speaker & nutritionist – Ms. Ruby Sound shared her knowledge and anecdotes with an audience. She explained our daily requirement is .75 to 1 grams per kilogram of weight. However, our daily diets do not provide that much of protein; leaving us high & dry on that most crucial component.


Just imagine what the deficiency could lead us to? Hence, supplements are necessary to bridge the gap in the body. But are all protein supplements good? Doesn’t supplement is only for gaining muscle mass? What will happen if my body gets ‘too many proteins’? There are so many questions in our mind – when it comes to supplements. Let’s first learn about the Right Kind of Proteins.

Let’s talk about Hydrolyzed Proteins

There are different forms of Protein, but one that we will talk about here today is “Hydrolyzed”, also known as “Pre-Digested Proteins”.

Derived from intact protein source by enzymatic hydrolysis to obtain a mixture of tri, di, and polypeptides.

Hydrolyzed proteins are a mixture of peptides mainly tri and dipeptides and a few free amino acids (pre-digested proteins). That is easily absorbed by the intestine and doesn’t need to go through the complex process of breaking down like intact proteins.

Health benefits of Hydrolysate/Hydrolyzed Proteins

  • Fuels greater delivery of amino acids from the gut to muscles.
  • Hydrolysates have a significantly higher activity of insulin, compared to intact protein.
  • This causes a superior increase in muscle mass.
  • A study has shown that protein hydrolysate helps in accelerating recovery from exercise-induced muscle damage.
  • Ingestion of protein hydrolysate with carbohydrate during and immediately after exercise improves whole-body protein synthesis
  • Hydrolyzed proteins are less allergenic for babies who are at risk for food allergies or immune diseases. Studies have shown its use in infants with cow milk allergy
  • Can be used in elderly– There is a reduction in rate and efficiency of protein digestion and subsequent absorption of amino acids in elderly.


The need for Protein Calculator for holistic health benefits-

We all know it is most crucial and vital macronutrient needed by the body for normal functioning. Assuming our daily diet is fulfilling the requirements, we do not give it much thought. Unless the body starts showing some signs. Hence, to create awareness and balancing the daily requirements – A Calculator is essential.

Protinex the brand which is synonymous with health and wellness launched ‘Protein Calculator‘ in Mumbai. The event emphasized adequate daily protein requirements especially the Hydrolyzed proteins. The event also marked the presence of our U-19 World Cup winner Indian Team’s young captain – Mr. Prithvi Shaw. Mr. Shaw has been associated with Protinex as its ambassador, who emphasized on daily protein requirements.


More about Protinex

Protinex is a trusted brand with the history of more than 50 years. One of India’s highly prescribed nutritional supplements brand. I had a good old relationship with Protinex during my pregnancy. The power of hydrolyzed proteins caters to the nutritional needs of pregnant women, children as well as elders. A brand we all trust and generic to a household name of health. Protinex gives us the best protein powder and protein supplements.

Available in form of powder, in some super delicious flavors and even small bytes now. I am a fan of Protinex chocolate Protein shake. So, let’s take a pledge and bring balance to our health regime.

Also, read about micro-nutrients here.

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  1. You are right dear, we live to believe that we have sufficient protein in our diet but the fact is otherwise. It is really good that we now have a calculator and can correct our food habits. Thank you so much for sharing details.

  2. Most of us always live in the belief that our diet is well balanced but reading this is surely an eye opener and we must relook at our eating habits often to make sure we are still in the right direction. Great to know they have smaller sized ones too so that we are able to choose the one we like the best after tryoing multiple flavors 🙂

  3. Proteins are the building blocks of our body-that’s what we teach our kids. Our diet though doesn’t cover half our protein intake. Very informative post. We do need supplements daily.

  4. This is amazing to learn about hydrolyzed proteins. It’s true we need to pledge towards a good health with balanced intake of all nutrients, and protinex looks like a good addition to daily diet.

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