How to Stimulate Brain Development of Baby during Pregnancy

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Stimulate brain development of baby during pregnancy by following nutrition rich brain food.

Motherhood! A feeling out of this world, a blessing – which can’t be put in words. Being a mother brings out a new perspective to life, a better version of us. At the same time it also makes us responsible, for the tiny life springing inside us. From the time two positive lines show striking red till baby comes in the motherly embrace, life changes drastically.

Our focus turns to the well-being of the baby – developmental or nutritional. We strive to give the best of everything to our children, be it schools, food, clothes, lifestyle and more. A well-balanced diet, health chart parameters, and brain development is every mother’s top priority.

But do you know baby’s brain starts progressing from conception itself? A reason expecting mothers must concentrate more on healthy nutritional diet. During pregnancy our body goes through many changes to accommodate baby’s needs and development. These needs can be fulfilled by nutrition rich diet during pregnancy.

Child Brain Development – Understanding Need for Brain Food

Many experts believe that the first few years are crucial for child’s development. Almost 90% of the brain develops by the age of 2 years. Our brain as we all know is made of neurons, hundreds and thousands of neurons. The brain never stops the dynamic process of development. Hence, the nutritional requirements of a brain should be maintained well during this stage.

This is the time when baby starts understanding the world around them and learn new concepts. Recognizes the surroundings and make connections. Most of the child’s energy is consumed by the brain at this stage. A nutrition rich diet such as DHA and micro-nutrients helps boost balanced growth. However, an early start of a healthy diet from pregnancy helps in later stages of growth.

Best Nutritional Food for Baby’s Brain Development

As mentioned above a diet rich in DHA and micro-nutrients like vitamin E, and minerals are must during pregnancy. Which includes –

  • Green leafy vegetables,
  • Fruits and vegetables,
  • Fatty acids,
  • Milk and dairy products,
  • Proteins – lentils and chicken,
  • Whole-grains, and
  • Nuts.

Researchers have many theories to fulfill fetal developmental requirements in mother’s body. The food intake during pregnancy passes on to the fetus (read baby). Hence, it is pivotal to have right balanced food – including brain food.

A Healthy Mother Makes a Healthy Baby!

Early brain development

Who wouldn’t agree to this? Happy healthy mothers make healthy babies. And do you know around 70% of child’s brain develops in mother’s womb?

But does our daily need for nutrition fulfilled by food alone? The answer is – NO! Majority of pregnant women in India are diagnosed – with nutrition deficiency. Not that they are malnourished, but nutrition deficient! There is a difference between the two – nutrition deficient is when we are having a proper diet, but not able to get the balance of nutrition from it.

During my pregnancy-term, I have prescribed a High Protein Diet (HPD), for the reason my food intake was not able to take care of my body’s protein requirements.

Nutritional Supplement Needs during Pregnancy – Feed IQ

As mentioned above our nutrition provides a growth platform for the baby, during pregnancy and also post-delivery. In my quest of finding best health supplement which provides a nutritional boost to body, SimMom IQ+ came to rescue.

SimMom IQ+ is enriched with IQ Feed diet – which comprises DHA and vitamin E, minerals, Iron, etc. Folic acid, the most important prenatal vitamin that supports brain function in the baby during pregnancy. Proteins the central functionary of baby’s growth. Fats & Carbohydrates the Energy powerhouse for mother and baby. Antioxidants brings immunity through right oxidation of vitamins and minerals in bthe ody. Fibre aids better digestion in mother’s body.

A Feed IQ nutritional supplement helps in balancing the body requirements in pregnant and lactating mothers. A balanced diet and healthy nutrition reduces the pre-term delivery chances drastically. It helps in aiding fthe ull-term growth of foetus (baby). A correct mix of brain nutrients and proteins helps in baby’s brain development right from the beginning.

‘You Never Know a Life; Until It Grows Inside You’ – Anonymous

In a Mother’s endeavour to achieve the best for their babies, nutrition is just one of the things that goes around and comes back with a happy note. A healthy baby is mother’s biggest pride. A right balanced nutrition during pregnancy, assures of safe pregnancy and healthy baby.

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47 thoughts on “How to Stimulate Brain Development of Baby during Pregnancy

    1. Thank you Partibha, I was also a naive during my early term 😉 learning and reading makes a hungry for knowledge Mom perfect..

    2. True! Eating healthy will not only help the brain development of child but will keepom active too. Well as they say only a healthy mom can raise a healthy child.

  1. At times even with proper food,mothers might need nutritional supplement during pregnancy and Simmom IQ+ sounds great supplement.

    1. Thanks Dr. Bushra. Agree proper nutrition and stimulating exercises are best for brain development.

  2. Only a healthy happy mom can have a healthy happy child – that’s so true. What a mom eats and feels is what she transfers to her baby. It’s wonderful that so much research and so many insights are now available for reference.

    1. Thank you, even during my term I was relying heavily on well researched articles and right information. Glad that mom bloggers today are dissipating all this information in their readers.

  3. That’s a crucial information you have highlighted.. Due to hormonal changes often the mother cannot take in the required nutrition that is important for the development of the baby and supplementation is a must to make sure the developmental needs are met

  4. I couldn’t agree more with you here. During my pregnancy I had major food aversions and couldn’t eat or drink most of the good foods. It was only around the last trimester that I focussed on eating nutritious food along with supplements prescribed by my gynaec. Such an informative post.

  5. A well balanced diet of right nutrition and positive thoughts during pregnancy and brain exercises later, will definitely pave way for a healthier brain development in babies. 🙂

    1. True Rashi, glad that mothers today are well educated on the healthy and nutritional part. I was naive myself during Kavys’s time but today hope that these kind of posts help new mommies to learn some tips.

  6. Yes Dipika. A balanced nutrition is important right from pregnancy. It’s better to start early as it is the basis of all future development.

  7. Starting early with a healthy lifestyle and nutrition can indeed go a long way in helping a child’s development. I loved the quote, ‘you never know a life until it grows in you’! A healthy mother partaking the right diet and providing a stimulating environment for the child will have the best chance of raising a healthy child.

    1. True Kala, healthy intake of well balanced diet and right conducive environment is essential for healthy happy baby.

  8. I loved reading this post and i would like to say some of the points are basic and yet important we know how valuable they are still we do not focus or pay much attention to it.

  9. I ate all the right things during my pregnancies but have to admit that supplements make our job and anxiety much easier. Thanks for sharing this, Dipika.

  10. The post is very informative .. Proper and healthy nutrition is very necessary to have since the earlier stages of pregnancy to have healthy and happy baby..

  11. Right from the day she gets to know about her pregnancy a women tries to do best for her unborn child and nutrition being the primary. Really loved reading this post on stimulating the brain development of the baby.

  12. I always felt that even with balanced diet, I always needed those supplements for my body when I was pregnant. Thanks to simmom IQ+ for bringing out their range.

  13. Stimulating baby’s brain from initial stage is the most important I believe. Thanks for sharing this insightful post.

  14. Nutritive diet like green leafy veggies, fruits and nuts, milk and dairy products are really helping in stimulating baby’s brain.

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