Acceptance – First step towards Positive Parenting

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Acceptance key to Positive Parenting

Welcome to A to Z of ‘Gleeful Parenting’, my theme for #BlogchatterA2Z from Blogchatter. This is my first attempt for A-Z with an intention to write 26 posts comprising 26 happy parenting concepts. The alphabet for today, i.e., first day of this challenge is ‘A’. Beginning my alphabetical series of Gleeful Parenting with Acceptance.

Albert Einstein said – “once we accept our limits, we go beyond them”.

Accept their views – Gleeful Parenting

We often lay down rules / principles for children discerning this is for their own good. By laying such rules and boundaries we constraint them in pre-decided goals and standards. Assuming we as parents know what is good and best for them. This enhances our role from that of nurturer, guide / mentor to dominator. We indirectly start making conscious decisions for children, giving them minute scope of refutation.

However, when they spread wings and explore world beyond our boundaries; then comes the clash of opinions. As parents we should accept our children as individiual first. They have their own capacities, visions and aspirations. Let them live their life free from conscious parental interferences.

“Happiness can exist only in Acceptance” – George Orwell

Accepting the way they are –

There is no two-ways to it, accept the way they are. God has created everyone for a purpose, be it big or small. There are some children who are very good in academics and some are exceptional in extra-curricular activities. We do not paint a whole picture with same brush, so why comparing kids. Every child is born with his/her own capabilities, let them identify these gifts. Acceptance is key to happiness.

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Accept them with their abilities or disabilities, it is our responsibility to turn any disability into opportunity. A child born with limitation, may do exceptionally well in life with a little push or guidance. Stephen Hawking & President Roosevelt transformed their disabilities into determination beyond excellence.

Parents act as guiding force for their children, early acceptance brings solidarity specially when it comes physical limitations. As parents, we strive to make those limitations their strengths. Accepting positive parenting is bringing up positive children.

Life becomes easier when you LEARN to ACCEPT! – Robert Brault.

Accept your distinctive Parenting Style –

Every parent has their own parenting style, I have one and surely you would be having your own. Determine your style and follow the pursuit to avoid confusion among children. Accepting one parenting style, helps in better understanding between parent and child. Evaluate the causes and effects of parenting style on child’s behavior. If it needs to changed for betterment – Accept and alter.

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  1. That is such an insightful article. How true we never paint a whole picture with same brush. Acceptance is important. Loved reading. Will stay tuned for more insights.

    1. Thank you so much Sudha, glad you liked it.

  2. Agree with you Dipika. We should accept our kids as they are and also accept the parents as we are. I believe no parenting style is bad, as long as the kids are happy and doing well.

    1. I so much agree with you, everyone has their own styles of parenting and what matters the most is – happiness 🙂 Thank you so much for reading the post and connecting to the thought.

      1. My pleasure!! 🙂

  3. A is for acceptance. I am writing on women themed at 40. Fully agree on the accepting the way they are. Have a nice day 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Deepa, heading staright to read yours.

  4. How true, Dipika. Acceptance is important. Our kids don’t always have to agree with us or obey us. They have their own life. We must let them grow their own wings.

    1. Thanks Varsha, Glad you liked it. Means a lot 🙂

  5. Such a refreshing thought process, Dipika. I have to say, very different from all the parenting posts I have read so far. Logical and insightful.
    You are going to excel in your very first #AtoZChallenge , Dipika!

    1. Thank you so much Mayuri, this coming from you uplifted my spirits to write more and better.
      Love you for motivating me 🙂

  6. No doubt, acceptance is the first step to bring out positive attitude and change.

  7. I have heard that two things exist in life one is fear and other one is adventure, so if u dont accept the uncertainty you take it as a fear and if u accept it, it becomes adventure, so is the case with parenting, we need to accept how our kids react or speak because they are our mirror images and whatever they are doing is been taught by us so.. Ur post highlights is very true

  8. Accepting children as they are needs a lot of openness from the parent’s side. Thanks Dipika for encouraging us to look at acceptance from a mature, healthy perspective.

  9. I am completely agree with your thoughts. We should accept kids as they are.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and connecting to the thought.

  10. What a powerful phrase. Life becomes easier and happier when we learn to accept. Yes, so true. I loved the way you have expressed the power of acceptance in gleeful parenting. Happy A To Z!!!

  11. I agree and hope that many parents understand this. Acceptance is important to the child as it helps them gain confidence and helps them to know that parents are right there for them. Happy A toZ Dipika!

  12. I agree. Of course, it’s only natural for parents to try to chart the path for their kids, going by their own experiences and aspirations. However, after a point, they should be willing to trust their children’s choices and accept them as individuals with their own aspirations.

    Well written. Great topic for the A to Z Challenge.

  13. Agree with your article. Though I am not a parent but yes I am a teacher in High School and I know that each children is different from one another and we have to accept them in their own way to find happiness.

  14. This is the second post I have read on acceptance today. Your perspective is so unique and heartwarming. Looking forward to reading your post tomo.

    1. Thank You so much, glad you liked the perspective.

  15. Acceptance is indeed key for a lot of things in life. Good article!

    1. Thank You Lavanya. Glad you liked it.

  16. Actually agreed we should accept our kids with good and bad habits and accept the fact they turn out what we teach them …

    1. Thank You for reading

  17. Oh yes.. I learnt it after few parening mistakes but now I know what I do is best for my child. Also very important to accept your own limitations and understand your child’s unique traits. Very important post for parents.

  18. Totally agreed. With my 1yo I can so much relate to this. Acceptance is the key, for both kid and the parent.

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