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The two red lines solve the dilemma and brings in an outburst of happiness to new parents. But, at the at the same time gets you thinking about what to & what not to do. First pregnancy is always special, as it teaches the mother many things. There are new challenges every day – and one of the most sought/discussed points of discussion is DIET.

Diet Plan during pregnancy


The meal plans, or diet charts, include a delicious array of vegetarian or non-vegetarian options of your choice. These pregnancy diet charts are made using the foods that have required nutrients you need depending on the stage of your pregnancy. A pregnancy diet chart is explained in detail by the expert and can be altered as per your taste & preference.

Healthy eating and balanced keep you active and fit all through the course of pregnancy. So, help you strive for natural/normal delivery option.

Pregnancy Diet Chart must have –



As maternity experts at Sitaram Bhartia explain, a well-balanced pregnancy diet must have 4 segments for complete nutritional values –

  1. Lean Protein – very crucial for baby’s growth & development. Protein can easily be found in the lentils, cheese, milk, fish, chicken, soy, tofu, nuts, etc. Doctors recommend a protein-rich diet for entire pregnancy to keep you & baby healthy & fit.
  2. Whole Grains – help you in keeping fit and active with its carbohydrates.
  3. Dairy – Dairy rich products are again very crucial and a source of pure intake of calcium. Can have in any form – curd, buttermilk, cottage cheese (paneer) or plain milk.
  4. Fruits & Vegetables – We all know the goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables. They are dthe irect source of minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, and much more. Try to have whole fruit instead of juices, as that will also help in obtaining natural fibre.

Eating healthy and right is the key to keep up with the pregnancy and beat all odds. All you need is a healthy diet, proper nutrition required at the right stage. A healthy course of nutrition also keeps the body fit for normal delivery which is a safer and better option for both the mother and the child.

Eating for TWO or just Right

Unnecessary munching and eating for two is just a myth. Our body takes in what is required, rest all is converted into fat. You only need 300 extra calories as per the experts and some additional protein on a daily basis.

Segregate the meals into smaller portions but keep the nutritional value balanced. A 50% fresh fruits & veggies, 25% protein and whole grains each keep you full and healthy along with dairy items after consistent intervals. Skipping meals or fasting would cause more troubles than one could perceive.

Indian Food Diet


The Indian cuisine has diverse flavours and options to bring nutritional values on your plate during pregnancy. Starting from homemade humble sprouts to dahi ka raita (curd with veggies). Stuffed paranthas (sans oil) to bowl of dal (lentils). I recall during my earlier days of pregnancy I cherished all veggies & paneer paranthas without using any oil.

Besan ka chilla (gram flour omelette with veggies) is the best source of protein along with goodness of vegetables. Poha with vegetable (puffed rice) or a bowl full of fresh vegetable salads or wok-stirred veggies, homemade soups – refreshing and power packed. Eggs are the best source of lean protein if you can take or else tofu/paneer do the needful. Keep the oil usage to the minimum. Over-weight during pregnancy has high risks.

Ideal Diet Chart for healthy mother & baby

As mentioned above a balanced diet for a pregnant woman is a mix of carbohydrates, protein, fibre, dairy, etc. Diet charts vary based on your height & weight or crucial deficiencies. For me, it was protein & vitamin D which was required for whole three trimesters.

With a healthy diet, you also need to keep yourself hydrated through the day. Water is Life! Caffeine preservatives & processed food need to be restricted. Each diet plan is based on personal requirements of the mother and advised by the expert. However, the basis remains the same – Protein, Carbohydrates, Dairy, Fresh Fruits & Vegetables.

Normal Delivery & Care

Experts at the professional medical centres help us learn which is best for the baby. Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science & Research is one such trusted hospital. The expert doctors at this hospital understand the need and requirement of the body, and advise on the diet charts accordingly. The Hospital aims for normal delivery which is the most sought option for women worldwide. Care you can trust!

I happen to stumble on their blog post about the Healthy Diet Chart for pregnancy. In this article, the experts have clarified the requirements of nutrition value for varied needs. At the astonishing rate of just 12% of the caesarean rate in 2016, this marks the value of expertise & care of pre/post-natal. The maternity program at Sitaram Bhartia empowers women to choose the safest options for their childbirth.

Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post, all the views shared here are personal and true to the author’s knowledge. For information only, do not take this as expert advise.

© Dipika Singh

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  1. Very useful post, especially for Indian expecting laties. they tend to neglect their health and diet a lot during pregnancy owing to the homemaker role which they have to play. the nuclear family aspect also puts more pressure during such time since the lady has to manage herself. your post will definitely help such ladies. thanks for sharing.


    U K
  2. The diet during pregnancy really plays a vital role. I used to really have a hard time as I was never hungry.
    However, eating balanced diet is definitely key to normal delivery. Well explained.

  3. This is a wonderfully complete article. You’ve touched on all the points from the type of food group to the availability as well as what is common here for the Indian woman. Well written.

  4. This is a very helpful post for moms to be. Its important to eat healthy in pregnancy and sometimes ladies start eating too much extra as they think they have to literally eat for two. That is also not right. A balanced and nutritious diet is required.

  5. Thanks much for this information, Dipika. Though it is my second pregnancy, I already know much of it. But this post came as a gentle reminder for a few things. However, I have a question- doesn’t normal delivery depend on the baby’s position in the last month and not just on the food intake?

    1. Congratulations Rashi for second happy term, and reading this post. Yes, normal delivery comes in real term with many combined efforts inside our body along with nutrients we intake.
      Food is just one of those ‘to-do things to try for a normal delivery’. Hope this answered your query.

      1. Thanku so much, Dipika. Wow, i didnt know this. Thought normal delivery depended only on the baby. Well, in that case M on reading more about it. Thanks so much. This proved more informative that just the post 🙂


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