Well, we all know Indian Festivals are delicious, quite literally! Each festival has its own specialty, be it Diwali, Holi, Ganesha or any other festival. Eating starts as early in the morning and keeps on going until the day bids adieu. Staring from the salty crispy tea snacks to the mouthwatering sweet dishes and delicacies. However, all this oily deep-fried food leaves us with many post binge effects.

  • Bloated tummy
  • Acidity
  • Unwanted acne/pimples
  • Upset bowel movement.

Reason – we are not used to such heavy palette on the daily basis. Hence, occasional indulgence in such binge eating brings problems home.

Here are some easy ideas to detoxify your body after Festival Binge Eating –

1. Honey & Lemon –

detox ideas post heavy eating
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Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water, mixed with a tablespoon of pure organic honey and juice of one lemon. Make sure you take this on an empty stomach. The reason Honey-n-Lemon detox water is gaining popularity because – it aids digestion and clears the toxins from the body. Develop a habit of having one such glass every day in the morning, it helps in weight loss and gives you clearer skin. It detoxes the system, makes sure to add pure honey and a fresh squeeze of lemon juice.

2. Skip the Conventional Tea –

Green tea detoxifies the body post binging
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If you are a tea addict like me, this is one of the most difficult steps. My official day begins with a cup of milk tea, however, the post effects of binge eating – Skip your favorite cuppa tea. Instead, make Green / Herbal Tea – Earl Grey, Peppermint, Chamomile or Basil are the best picks.

Green tea again boosts immunity and push away the toxic residue of oil and grease entered the system. Plus anti-oxidants helps in aiding digestion and cleansing the skin. Check out some really delicious and healthy Natural Green Tea options here.

3. Go Raw –

Detox post festival guilt
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Have a healthy & fulfilling breakfast, preferably fruits or high fiber cereals. Skipping breakfast thinking about last night’s binge guilt is the worst idea possible. Honestly, I did it many times but this practice is neither healthy nor advisable. So, have a hearty breakfast but keep carbs to the minimum.

Have more of proteins in the shape of green leafy veggie salad or soup. Egg whites omelet or boiled Black Chana (chic-pea) Chaat. If you like millet, have a moong sprout, vegetable, and millet salad. Fruits are the best source of Micro & macronutrients make sure to add them heavily.

4. Hydrate yourself-

detox body with water
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Water – the true necessity of Life. Make sure you drink plenty everyday and specially well post binge eating. Needless to say, water cleanses the system and regulates overall conditioning of the body. Drink room temperature water only, and keep sipping throughout the day. Herbs infused water tastes the best and also aids in detoxifying. Just add few limes or orange slices, mint or basil in a jug of water. Keep it overnight in the refrigerator, bring it out n the morning. Let it come back to room temperature – keep sipping.

5. Healthy and Wholesome Meals –

steps to detox after diwali

I usually avoid eating heavy or spiced food the next day of binge eating. Simple brown rice or oatmeal helps in bringing back the system to normalcy. Sprouts, steamed veggies, dalia are some of healthier options to stick to instead of heavy food.

Health is Wealth – Keep all the ingredients in balance for a happy healthy body. Enjoy each and every occasion, just a little tweak here and there can bring back fitter you.

Happy Festivities.

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  1. I was travelling for almost a week and all what I had was the food not preferred. Lemon and honey are the ones I take everyday and from today my raw veggies and fruits lunch has started to get the feel of something light!

  2. Honey-lemon in warm water is my morning routine since years now. It is one of the best detoxes and I swear by it. Totally agree with preferring green tea and raw foods over the junk we all love to have.

  3. These are some great tips and tricks! I’m also on Diwali detox mode, having green tea instead of the regular tea and binging on salads and stir fried vegetables. Going to try the honey lemon water.

    Sonam Jauhri Kumar
  4. This information has come at the right time for me! I have really indulged in food this festive season and my house is still full of Diwali sweets! I will take inspiration from your post, and start my detox from today!

    Noor Anand Chawla
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