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Happy Holi!! The ‘festival of colors’ and joy, fun, frolic, delicacies, and love. Like any other Indian festival, even Holi has an amazing story which is passed over generations as a classic example of the victory of good over evil.

Why Holi is celebrated?

Holi is celebrated on the full moon day falling in the month of Phalguna (Feb-Mar). It is celebrated or rather played with the colors and water which is thrown on each other. Music, drums, dance, food, friends, and family are the center of Holi celebrations.

As per the ancient mythology, there is a legend of King Hiranyakashipu with whom Holi is associated. The demon king Hiranyakashipu wanted his revenge from Lord Vishnu for killing his younger brother. He considered Lord Vishnu as an enemy and was furious to learn his younger son Prahlad is completely devoted to the Lord. The cruel king plots to burn his own son to ashes by calling on his wicked sister – Holika. Holika wore a magical cloak to desist from burning, she held Prahlad on her lap to burn him down. He survived the furious fire by chanting Lord’s name and instead Holika burned to death. The legend has it, that Lord Vishnu took avatar of Narasimha – half man and a half lion and killed Hiranyakashipu by his claws.

This signifies the victory of good over evil.

Another popular legend is that of Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha. According to the legend, as a kid, Krishna was fed poisoned milk by demon Putana which made his skin dark blue. His mother tired of his anxiety asked him to meet Radha and color her face with any color he wanted. And ever since then, the day is celebrated as the festival of colors.

Barsana Holi Festival India
Barsana Holi Festival.

The legend signifies Vrindavan’s famous Holi or known as brij-ki-holi.

Celebrate Holi with Kids

Festivals bring special cheer and joy for kids, and especially festivals like Holi. Colorful hues, water guns, school holidays, yummy snacks, and meeting friends is the core essence of Holi. Kids or adult, anyone would fall in love with the festival instantly.

When you have kid/s at home there are few things need to be considered –
  • Color – Celebrate Holi with organic or natural colors only. During the festival, markets swell with colorful mountains of dry colors. Make sure you pick the right colors, as chemical-laced powder can damage kid’s soft skin or give reactions.
  • Water – We all are aware of the need to save ‘water’, however, one cannot neglect the fun of Holi played with water. Use sensibly, and make sure you do not waste it unnecessarily.
  • Snacks – Indian festivals real cheer comes with lovely delicacies. During Holi, gujiya , mathri , namak paare , namkeen , kachori, etc are the main attraction. All are deep-fried snacks, they can give bad tummy or heaviness. Keep yourself and kids hydrated with loads of water. Let’s kids play colors with a light tummy.
  • Clothes – White is the most preferred color when it comes to dressing up for playing Holi. Keep a few old pairs of tee-shirts, shorts, sandals ready for rangpanchami . You can also re-use the same Holi clothes for the next year.
Few more ideas about Home and Kids –
  • Home – De-clutter the home from any expensive cushions or furnishings for a day. Spread any old bed-sheet where kids can sit and play. Keep body wash, shampoo, body scrub ready and at easy hand’s distance to clean-up.
  • Drinks – Holi’s traditional drink is ‘ bhaang ‘, which is made out of cannabis leaves. Kid’s drink and adults drink must be made separately for any unwanted mix-ups.
  • Skincare -Dry colors can make skin extra dry or itchy, the best practice is to use good quality thick moisturizer or skin-oils before playing with colors.
  • Haircare – Keep hair safe by tying them in a braid or top bun. Best way to avoid colors going into hair is by covering them, or else oil hair and scalp properly. Oil will not allow colors to seep inside the hair cuticles and makes it easier to wash off. Post Holi Hair Treatment at a good salon is highly recommended.

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How to celebrate holi

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Some examples to make it easy for you –

  1. Holi Facts for Kids
  2. Holi with the toddler
  3. Food and Drinks around Holi
  4. How to engage kids during Holi
  5. Post Holi binge detox, etc.


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  1. So glad I signed up for this bloghop! What a wonderful topic! Hope to have my post up soon!

    1. This is really an interesting post where you shared the story of holi why it is celebrated. Good post

  2. I really loved the way you have created this post …telling kids the real story behind this colorful festival is so very important and great tips too !!

  3. This is such a helpful post for parents and kids. I will show the story you shared to my daughter.
    Happy Holi with #HoliHoppers.

  4. Hi Dipika,

    Great post. You have explained things so well for people who have little knowledge about this festival. Your suggestions are worth taking of to enjoy this festival to the fullest.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day.

    1. Thank you so much Sajid. I am so glad you liked the post.
      Have a great day and Happy Holi.

    2. This is a wonderful informative post. You’ve covered the history of the festival and all possible tips and tricks!

    3. Such an insightful post , what I love is that uve stressed on cautious use of water during holi , something which we tend to forget always , also yes we should use natural colours

      1. Thank you so much Farha for commenting and linking with #HoliHoppers.

  5. We must take care of kids especially when they play with colors and water. And yes totally agree water is scarce we must use it efficiently.

  6. I have linked up my Holi post. It is a fun Blog hop and I had to participate. Loved your post with colourful pictures and details about Holi.

    1. Thanks so much Deepa. I truly loved your Thandai recipe

    2. Great post. Wasnt aware of the hiranyakashipu wali story. Thanks.

  7. Dipika, glad you retold the story of Holika and Prahalad, it’s a mandatory in our house every Holi. This time instead of narrating it to my daughter, I am making her read your post. 🙂

  8. Wow d best part abt this write up is d history abt this festival Holi, I’m definitely gonna narrate this to my tuition kids…

  9. I too believe that the stories behind our festivals need to be shared with our kids. While they’re allowed to have fun they should be advised to keep themselves and their surroundings clean during Holi.

  10. I told these stories to my kids, but it is so much easier reading out from your post Dipika. Am so glad you picked this topic to write for #HoliHoppers

  11. Wow!! What a lovely presentation of the story. Very well included smallest bit. Happy Holi.

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