Tiffin Packing Hacks – Appealing and Nutritious

best tiffin box India for kids

Children develop taste buds in their initial years and introducing diverse and nutritious recipes is always a challenge for their mothers. Different kids react differently to food, taste, texture, visual appeal and cultivate preferences early on, which in later years transform into food habits. Therefore, this is the time when one should consciously focus on making food ‘fun’ and not ‘fuss’. Kids,  spend a large part of their day at school or in extra-curricular activities where they carry their own tiffin. This is the time when they are on their own, and we will not know if they are eating well or not. This becomes a matter of worry for their mothers.

Best Tiffin Packing Hacks for Kids –

best tiffin box for kids
tupperware kids lunchbox
tiffin ideas for kids

Thus ‘tiffin recipes’ for kids, becomes a very important factor that introduces a variety of foods to kids and helps in building their food preferences. Therefore, while focusing on preparation is a must, ensuring that it is packed well is not secondary either. Packing a variety in kids tiffins is possible only when one has sleek, modular, liquid-tight tiffin containers which kids would love to carry to school. In Indian cuisine, a typical meal consists of  ‘dal/lentils, roti/chapati, rice, dry seasonal vegetable, and salad’. But, one cannot expect small children to carry/ accommodate bulky, multi-tiered lunch boxed in their tiny school bags. Hence, mothers often look for the modular options. Along with being sleek, handy and light to carry, these tiffin boxes should appeal to the eye and if you throw in their favorite cartoons and caricatures in tiffin design, that’s a cherry on the cake.

Packing the Best Tiffin for your Kids

A high quality plastic tiffin box is the best option that one can go with. It offers a diversity of colors and designs. Light as a material and if crafted in a modular way, the design can be just right to fit their school bags. Tupperware – MyLunch The best tiffin box in India and my personal favorite.

Tupperware kids lunchbox
best tiffin box for kids
Image credit – Tupperware

Tupperware – MyLunch is the best quality tiffin box for kids and also offers solution for the entire family –

  • It has an inner rectangular liquid-tight container.
  • Available in various colors and designs.
  • The MyLunch set is spill proof so you can easily pack your child’s favorite Rajma-chawal without any worry.
  • Has a tab for easy opening so the little fingers can grip it well and operate it independently.
  • Is sleek and compact to fit in small bags – be it for regular school usage, craft class or even picnics.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry; and the best part is the brand’s long-standing legacy of safety and trust.

The best tiffin box brand also offers other options for the entire family’s lunch box needs – be it for regular office use or for outdoor needs, so that one can easily carry and consume a completely healthy and nutritious meal.


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25 thoughts on “Tiffin Packing Hacks – Appealing and Nutritious

  1. The right tiffin carrier solves a lot of problems for Moms and Kids alike. I like Tupperware too, as it is spill proof and no food odor lingers after washing it. It looks very attractive as well.

    1. The right tiffin box is important. I try to use box which keeps food fresh. These are so cute to look at.

  2. We have been using Tupperware since quite some time now and it indeed is one of the best brand with high quality products.

  3. Tupperware has always been a very trusted brand in our household, I only trust Tupperware when it comes to my daughter. Thanks for sharing these hacks!

  4. High quality plastic, spill-proof packaging and vibrant colours makes Tupperware a great choice for moms. I like that they’re kept sturdy and convenient keeping their target audience, kids, in mind.

  5. Choosing right tiffin box is really necessary. I always go with tiffin boxes which keeps food fresh and also the quality of the box matters a lot for me .

  6. I love how the tiffin has an inner container with a lid to keep liquids in so they dont spill. Trust Tupperwear to make awesome lunchboxes too.

  7. I also prefer Tupperware and its really good. Specially for kids, you have to take care of the quality always. Food stays fresh and good for long hours.

  8. As school started now I know from where I need to pick tiffin box for my kids … Tupperware is always a great choice thanks

  9. Packaging plays such an important role. I absolutely understand that. Tupperware products are the best quality without a second thought. I always use them.

  10. #ClickWithInstax

    I am lucky that my mom packs very healthy and nutritious meal in tiffin. But you provided very good tips. Thanks

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