Mary Kom Unveils Bull and Fearless Girl at Kanakia Wall Street

Mary Kom unveils bull and girl at Kanakia in Mumbai
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Kanakia Wall Street Mary Kom

Indian pride and boxing icon, Mary Kom unveil replicas of The Bull and a Fearless girl at Kanakia Wall Street, Mumbai. The structure shows a charging Bull and a confident little Girl facing it fearlessly, it explains a lot about our society. Mary Kom was in her best sporty avatar and quipped that this fearless girl is like herself.

Bull and the Fearless Girl

When I saw these structures, my first impression was that of beauty and the beast. But in a fraction of the second, that beauty turned into me, and many like me. Women who fought their odds with life to make a living, or live their dreams. Indian society has seen the surge, upsurge, and resurges of women many times. But, today the time has changed and women are capable of doing anything. From flying fighter planes to manning mission at Mars, from making babies to shaping nations.

kanakia group and mary kom
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Story of that Charging Bull –

“We all have something special, all you need is keep CHALLENGING yourself” – Mary Kom.

Mary Kom could see the connection between her earlier struggles and the Fearless Girl standing in front of the fierce bull. When asked about how she related herself to this little girl, she mentioned about the struggles women face every day to live their dreams. Mary said “Everyone faces challenges in life, overcoming them and your fear is what makes a person truly successful. Looking at the Fearless Girl statue reminds me of all the hardships I have withstood to stand where I am today.”

Mary Kom Kanakia group wall street

Structure of the Bull portrays the challenges that we face, dynamic and changing nature of growth. When we talk about challenges, it reflects the scope of growth or an opportunity. We might not know our real strength unless we face challenges. That’s the face of New India, we are evolved by the challenges of ever dynamic growth prospects of better tomorrow.

Mr. Himanshu Kanakia, Managing Director, Kanakia Group shared the vision behind this structure.

“We want to create symbols that captures the essence of our rapidly changing society. Fearless Girl replica is a salute to all the strong and brave women who have fought tirelessly in face of numerous difficulties. The Charging Bull reflects the tenacity and zealousness of the new age entrepreneurs and business landscape.”

Kanakia Group – Shaping Nation

Kanakia Group is one of the premium and leading developers in India.  Established in 1986, Kanakia Spaces Realty Pvt. Ltd. is Kanakia Group’s flagship real estate company. In the last 30 years, they have developed and successfully delivered 14 million sq. ft. of commercial, residential, entertainment, education and industrial spaces.

This statue at Wall Street is the vision, an icon of strength demonstrating young India that aspires to grow beyond ordinary. The structure is a marvelous piece of art that will be the future’s most iconic real-estate landmarks. With the city changing and developing at the skyrocketing speed, Kanakia just gave a magnum opus of realty growth to its citizens.

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36 thoughts on “Mary Kom Unveils Bull and Fearless Girl at Kanakia Wall Street

  1. Mary Kom is truly an inspiration! So glad you got to meet her, Dipika. Seeing the statue of The Fearless Girl has been on my wishlist, and thanks to Kanakia Spaces, I’ll see it when I am in Mumbai next.

  2. Mary Kom is a n amazing athlete. She has conquered the boxing circuit and had been on the top for such a long time. She is the pride of our nation, our motherland India”. Wish her all the best for her future.

    Keep rocking. God bless!!

    1. Hi Sajid, indeed she is the pride of the nation and a humble person. After achieving so much in life, she is so down to earth. It was one of the best evenings of my life.
      Thank you for stopping by.

  3. I really love Mary Kom she is just an inspiration to every girl of INDIA and this unveil of bull seems a great way to share right message from great group !!

  4. This is exactly the kind of message one needs to portray strongly in our society. I am so glad that large scale companies are now embracing the message of empowering women.

  5. Mary Kom is the perfect representation of the fearless girl within all of us. What a wonderfully thought statue of by Kanakia Spaces. I’m sure it must have been a wonderful experience to personally witness it, and meet Mary Mom

  6. Mary Kom has given hope, inspiration and goals to countless women in our country. She’s truly a force to reckon with. It was remarkable for her to unveil the charging bull. The fearless girl is something I hope all our girls grow into someday.

  7. Mary Kom is an inspiration to a whole generation. She was the perfect choice for unveiling this statue and I will definitely check it out.

  8. Wow Mary Kim! Who else can be a better person than her to inaugurate this? It’s really great opportunity for you to meet n greet her.

  9. I’m amazed at their vision which prompted them for the statue at wall Street . Having Mary Kom I’ve the event, reflects the true strength of a women. Good to know about the group and their flagship company.

  10. Mary Kom is an inspiration and the perfect person to represent the little girl… Well, in one way or the other we all are that little girl in our own ways… Loved the concept of the girl and charging bull!

  11. MaryKom is an inspiring mommy. I really like reading and watching her movie. She has struggled a lot to reach at this place. I am very happy that she unveils bull and fearless girl structure.

  12. Its really great to see real and truly fearless achievers like Mary Kom has been chosen as the person to unveil the Bull and fearless girl statues. Its a very inspiring and powerful step from Kanakia.

  13. Honestly saying, I am a huge fan of Mary Kom, her hard work, her talent, her struggle is so damn inspiring for all of us, and she unveiling this amazing icon of strength is just damn fab, I so wish I was there during this amazing event

  14. This is such a powerful statue and indeed the message it sends is an important. How absolutely wonderful for Kanakia to have choosen Mary Kom for the Unveiling – it really adds a dimension to the meaning of this status and what it means for us indian women!

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