Essentials of an Organized Kitchen – Storage Boxes

bulk storage boxes from Tupperware

Kitchen is one place in our home which is planned and designed with utmost care. Right lux levels (recommended lighting levels), windows, clear ventilation, continuous water supply, and kitchen storage.

An organized kitchen is everyone’s favorite, we spend quite a lot of time in the kitchen so why not plan it for our delight. Colorful walls, bright areas, illumination for the chef’s eye and perfect storage. Everyone loves a clean and shiny kitchen, and honestly, I lose my appetite when the cooking area is messy. Also, no one would like to search for condiments, spices, and other required stuff in between cooking. Hence, an organized kitchen is a must especially when we have very little time to whip up breakfast or supper.

We store many items in the kitchens, from perishable to non-perishable items. Dry grains, spices, utensils, cookware, glassware, and storage boxes. No matter how small or big, everyone wants a well-organized kitchen. The idea is to keep the kitchen clean, pocket and environment-friendly, and organized.

1. Bulk Storage Boxes

Are you a monthly shopper like me or a bi-weekly one? Monthly groceries require nice storage space and boxes, to avoid any spoilage. The market is swelling with many bulk storage options, but when it comes to storing food and grains I get really careful. The containers should be durable, environment-friendly, healthy plastic (food-grade) and reusable for a long time.

organized kitchen storage containers

Also, if you are living in a humid city like Mumbai, the pantry storage especially becomes tricky. I have found a solution to my problem in Tupperware Bulk Storage Flour Box-set. These boxes are designed to create right moisture intact, keeping grains and food items durable to a longer time.

2. Declutter your kitchen, reuse and recycle

Organized Kitchen
Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Who doesn’t like the spik-and-span kitchen? Decluttering gives you peace of mind, be it with the thoughts or kitchen. Before getting yourself newer storage boxes or kitchen essentials, declutter and make space. Reuse old things and recycle by making use of unwanted stuff.

3. Use storage box with a spout or a measuring spoon

Tupperware Bulk Rice container
Image – Tupperwareindia

Storage boxes with a spout or measuring spoon are much easier to use. More than ease it’s about caring for food, use only the amount of food which is required. The exact measurement, which will leave negligible chances of food damage. Tupperware flour and rice sets come with a measuring spoon, that allows customers to know the exact measurement required for every use. Also, it keeps the rice and flour intact with airtight lid away for any humidity or moisturizer.

4. Pick up easy to use and see through containers

cool and fresh tupperware boxes

See-through storage boxes not only look good but also make it easier for us to remember what’s left unattended. Imagine storing last night’s leftover rice or curry in fridge boxes and absolutely forgetting about it the next day. See-through boxes make sure out of sight isn’t out of mind. Cool and fresh storage boxes from Tupperware keep food fresh and intact for a longer time.

5. Label the shelf life in the fridge, containers, and pantry

Keeping note of expiry dates is crucial even after you purchased the products and stored in kitchen. Labeling is the best way to keep note of what’s going out of date when. You get beautiful labels in the market, or can make easy DIY kitchen labels. I prefer using a marker to keep dates, and what’s inside the container. It’s easy to use and comes very handy to find the right condiment at the right time.

6. Even sized Storage containers are a must have

storage boxes tupperware
Image – TupperwareIndia

This totally depends upon the space in your kitchen, I prefer to keep even sized boxes in the kitchen and even in my fridge. Firstly it looks much more organized and secondly gives better space for other items.

Also, read Tiffin Packing Hacks.

7. Stack utensils and cookware separate and logically

I always advocate for the right things at the right place. Keep cookware, glassware, storage boxes, and kitchen tools separately. The more frequently used items must be placed close for easy access, expensive serving dishes or dinner sets must be stored well in kitchen cabinets. Kitchen accessories like knives, spatulas, spoons, etc can be stored at the same place or holder but in properly segregated sections.

smart kitchen solutions tupperware

These are some easy peasy tips hacks to bring a fresh and organized in the kitchen. Hope you like reading these smart kitchen solutions and will implement a few of these tips. You can also share your tips in the comments below with us.


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28 thoughts on “Essentials of an Organized Kitchen – Storage Boxes

  1. Food grade storage boxes for flour keeping humidity and other factors in mind is very thoughtful indeed. I like a spick and span kitchen too. Transparent storage boxes are neat and convenient. Labelling them with DIY labels is a good tip.

    1. My kitchen is full of transparent storage boxes. They are convenient and doesnt require any labeling. Loved this useful post on smart kitchen storage ideas.

  2. Tupperware mere liye bhi best solution hai, kuch large storage boxes liye hain maine aur baaki fridge n small storage k liye bhi Tupperware hi use karti hu
    Tiffin k liye sabse best hai, inke bags bhi mujhe bahut acche lagtey hain ?

    1. This is a very helpful article about storage. I always trust Tupperware has always been my trusted brand for storage.

  3. The right storage boxes making everything related to the kitchen so much easier. Esp in humid cities like Mumbai and Chennai. Tupperware is teh only name that works for me too. Great quality!

  4. These are such practical and wonderful tips that will surely make lives of homemakers, easier!

  5. This post has come at such a good time. Ever since we moved into our new place, few aspects such as one spare room and the kitchen are yet to be organised. We have a big kitchen here so when we moved, we put stuff in places because we ha the space but it is not organised properly. Things were hectic then so we postponed it. I want to start soon and am bookmarking this post for reference. Thanks!

  6. I am an ardent Tupperware fan for years too dear and I don’t have any other plastic in my kitchen. I have thoroughly liked your recommendations.

  7. Transparent boxes are a definitely big plus as it helps to stop rampaging us through all the boxes to find what we need. I also read somewhere that we should keep the stove slab clutter free and should be used only for decorative plants other than stove:)

  8. I love decluttering as it makes you think clearly and you can find evrything when you organise your staples and label them
    Having food grade boxes or glass jars help you store food keeping moisture intact and being see through makes it easy when you cook

  9. Organised kitchen is so nice and clean, most of all it’s easy to work with. I mostly have transparent storage boxes for easy access to all items and anyone can work

  10. I feel in my home, the kitchen is the least organised because the kids keep raiding the drawers and cupboards. I am on the verge of losing all the hope of even having things in order ever.

  11. i am not sure, what I would without storage boxes. I have so many of them, in different shapes and capacities, Thankfully my kitchen is somewhat organized because of them

  12. I am also revamping my kitchen area and will change the old utensils also to give a perfect look to it. Thanks for the tips and Tupperware is a trusted brand after all.

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