Budget Home Decor for Diwali


Budget Home Decorations for Special festivals like Diwali, Durga Pujo, Dusshera and New Year.

Diwali – the Indian Festival of Lights is just around the corner, so is the hustle bustle of getting ready for it. This is the time for festivities, love, togetherness, and sharing. With guests arriving and lots of food, fun, frolic the energy around this time is truly contagious.

My preparations for the day is in full swing, from cleaning the house to de-cluttering the mess. Discarding the unused to refurbishing some good ones. Recycling is always on the mind and a healthy way of living. DIY home decorations with reused stuff are fun as it is more like trying your hand on creativity and transforming old to new.

A trip to the local market brought so many ideas for decorating the home to look & feel as good as new. Especially, when you have guests arriving for meet-n-greet on Diwali. Sharing with you some budget home décor ideas this Diwali.

Decorate Walls with these easy ideas –

I have seen my parents and elders going with new paintwork of the whole home for Diwali. People have different reasons for it, some do it to get rid of negative energy and few for a fresh look. If you do not wish to go with this time consuming and messy job of painting, or recently got the home painted, pick up some lovely Wall Decals.

Wall Decals yes! You can get many brilliant, beautiful wall stickers (wall decal) online or in the local markets. There are various types of wall-papers/ wall stickers or wall decals available today. They are easy to use and can be done with simple DIY. Pick up bright or abstract designs to pep-up a dull or gloomy wall into a new one.


The idea of decorating walls starts with adding a dash of personalization. Using photos, portraits or posters. With the help of little DIY tips available on the internet, you can make brilliant photo-frames all yourself. I often refurbish the old ones, using glitters or the craft decorative hacks which are easily available in the market. Choose your posters wisely, which can be moved to different areas of the house.

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Mirrors –

Who doesn’t like decorative Mirrors? The market offers many varieties of designer mirrors, for decorative and feng-shui purposes. A huge mirror in the living hall/ room brings brightness and a bigger space mirage. If you have one already, just add up to style with some DIY tricks. Like, give a grand look to the old mirror by adding using seashells, colorful ropes, crystals or other crafty materials on the edges.

budget home decor
image – Pinterest
ready made rangoli
Image – Pinterest

Be it Diwali or any Indian festival, it is not complete without ‘rangoli’ the colorful art-work prepared using color powders or colored sand. In many places, women still, create beautiful Rangolis everyday morning to welcome positivity and prosperity inside the home.

I am not very good at drawing and creating designs, hence apply shortcuts. Hence, bought ready-made Rangoli stickers, which are easily available in the markets today. So, do we use the same stickers every year? Yes, we do but with a twist. Just add some flowers or play with colors around these readymade rangoli stickers.

Pro Tip – Did I mention you can even get stencils for making rangoli in the local market nowadays.

Decoration = Check.

Creativity = Check.

Praises = Double Check.

Hang them all –

budget home decoration ideas for Diwali

Hanging artworks is quite an old-school idea, but still, the most loved and used the idea to decorate space.

I love the sound of wind-chimes early in the morning. Local markets (during the festive season) offer an array of beautiful artifacts. From Rajasthani craft pieces to an abstract art wind chimes. You can also create some magic with hanging decorations at home using empty bottles, old mason jars, fused bulbs, etc.

Color them, add glitter, hang them with LED lights or add a tea candle they look pretty in all styles. The best way to quirk up the style quotient of a place is by using hanging decor stuff.

A Welcome Surprise 

I love the ethnic Indian welcome decorations, many households hang outside their houses. It’s called ‘Toran’ in the local language. These little strings of flowers, decorative materials are attached with prosperity, and with the idea of welcoming peace and harmony in the home.

Markets offer a huge variety of these door hangings, in various styles and shapes. Torans can also be made using fresh flowers, especially big marigold flowers and mango leaves. As they represent prosperity and purity in Hindu religion.

Torans look amazing on the main entrance door of the house. I prefer to change these every year because we keep them, all 365 days and switch only from one Lakshmi puja to another.

Table decoration ideas –
Diwali home decor
Image – Pinterest

For table decoration, add things which are safe and do not cause an unwanted disaster. If using candles make sure to use water floating candles, or place your best cutlery along with the matching table napkins. Centerpieces with flowers or potpourri add aroma and take the decorations a notch higher.

When we bought the center table for the living room it was after so much planning and deliberating. Hence, covering it under the covers or sheets never felt good. But then how would you protect it from scratching or wear-n-tear during gatherings? Use a thing clear clingy sheets and drape it properly on the glass.

Flowers –
Image – Google

Flowers adds up to positivity, freshness, and calmness in the environment. Get some fresh flowers to decorate the puja area and the main entrance of the house. You can also add up the decoration style by some decorative designs by flowers.

Every year we use flowers to decorate the place of worshiping the deity. Post Diwali the same flowers go to indoor plants as their food & nourishment.

Light, it up Bright –
diwali home decor diya
Image – techiewheels

Festival of lights; will have lights lots of it. We use clay diyas to light up the house and outside. That’s tradition, but add up glamour using candles available in market. Last year I made few candles at home using discarded crayons by daughter. Thanks to DIY from Google and little glitter & crafty aids from home. Simple clay diyas are very affordable and easily available. Get those and colour at home using stay on paint. Make sure you give these ample time to dry up, before use.

These are few budget ideas to bring spark in your home this Diwali. Hope you like and have great fun with loved ones. Wishing you all a very happy diwali. Taking you to next blogger’s stop who is as beautiful, warm & best in her art. Ruchie Verma from Wigglingpen she wiggles with the latest updates for you from all across facets of life. The most energetic and positive person I have ever met. Her funda of life is ‘learn to share with others’, which is truly commendable.

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45 thoughts on “Budget Home Decor for Diwali

  1. I love decals ,mirrors, torans ,rangolis everything.Diwali is loads of fun because of these wonderful options.

  2. Husband ko wall per stickers lagana pasand nahi
    Mujhy wall per flowers ki mala lagana pasand hai, nahi kar paati per flower rangoli, diya ye sab se ghar khub decorate karti hu, ab aapse aur bhi ideas mil gaye ??
    Thanks for sharing dear

  3. Wow and wow for all the tips you’ve given, Dipika. I love wall decals, mirrors and wall hangings. Torans and rangoli add to the beauty. These are very doable and affordable.

  4. Diwali is one time of the year which is eagerly awaited by me as I love to decorate the house and light up every nook and corner. Ideas given by you are just amazing to decorate the house in less budget.

  5. Love these budget home decor ideas dear, you have absolutely done a great job of combining some real good ideas together. Love the fact you used the floating tea lights water bowl with flowers to cover up the table 🙂

  6. I also like to shop during Diwali and that too under budget. Here in Delhi, my favourite is Lajpat Nagar which has bargain shops as well as branded shops. I like buying mirrors and wall hangings.

    1. Ah you got my memories stirred of Laajpat Nagar market of Delhi and the famous chats. Coming to have the experience again.

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