5 Tips to Add Value to Your Granny Flat with Design and Decoration

Granny flats are 1- or 2-bedroom hall kitchen tiny flats typically reserved for older members who want to stay close to their family, yet they need some privacy. These flats are also popular among the homeowners who want independent and affordable office space or workshop space near their homes.  If you already own these flats and you are looking to renovate it there are many ways that can add value to your small granny flat.

But If you are confused about how to cleverly decorate your 3-bedroom granny flat then you must look into some interesting tips given here and once you to brainstorm and visualize your ideas you can hire a team to do the renovations and other extension works.

Here are 5 Design and Decorative tips for your Granny Flat to give you a head-start:

Connect the Indoor Spaces to the Outdoor Spaces:

indoor space granny flat

If you consider doing proper extensions and renovations, you can add a lot of space to introduce a luxurious and modern environment for the granny flat. You can bring a significant amount of natural light into the 3-bedroom granny flat by using most of the outdoor space. You and your loved ones can enjoy the sunlight while having breakfast or playing in the backyard together.

Granny Flat Storage:

storage spaces granny flat

The goal is to make use of most of the space here. To get some more space, one of the solutions you can act upon is to use the space under a bench or bed as storage. You can add accessible storage away from the floor like a shelf rack, wall mounted shelves. Another way to utilize space in your 3 bedroom granny flat is to keep your shampoos and soaps within everyone’s reach in the bathroom, just putting them inside multilevel hanging small baskets.

Granny Flat Colors and Mirrors:

colours and mirrors granny flat

When you start to renovate your granny flat, make a quick assessment of the natural light throughout your granny flat to create an excellent ambiance. Choose colors that don’t make your room dark in the daytime. Place the thick glass on a mirror; it will capture more reflective lights that way. Mirrors can also make the hallway look much longer. If your 3-bedroom granny flat has any small rooms then you can place two same sized mirrors at directly opposite sides to create an illusion of a bigger room and filled with light.

Granny Flat Furniture:

furniture of granny flat

The decision part of choosing the right furniture can open up various endless possibilities to renovate the granny flat. When you have floor, walls, and lighting that complement each other to create the perfect space that you wished for, you and your loved ones feel comfortable. Now you have to choose from the various styles for furniture like chairs, tables, couches, beds, bookshelves etc. to complement the overall space of your 3-bedroom granny flat. You can decorate your outdoor space also by adding outdoor furniture like a breakfast table, hanging sofa etc. to enjoy the outdoor time.

Granny Flat Kitchen:

kitchen design ideas

With the kitchen renovation, the value of your home increases drastically. The kitchen is the central place for every family gathering and it brings together the whole family. You can find out limitless design ideas for the kitchen like the modern, luxurious, contemporary and others. Adding stools near the kitchen counters can let people enjoy a meal and will save the space a table requires.

These small tips will transform the look of your 3-bedroom granny flat in a matter of time. After drawing inspiration from these basic tips, you can make the decision to build your own set of design and décor ideas based on your favoritism.

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