Why You Should Say Yes To The World

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Going on a Blind Date travel with the World – The simple thought of travel excites everyone! Well, who doesn’t like to take a time off from daily chaos and unwind? But have you ever wondered the adrenaline rush of exploring into the wilderness? I am a Leo, true to the instincts adventure excites me. Be it the solo travels or exploring the new places. I have always loved the thought of visiting places heard in stories from mom and granny. Be it interiors of Himachal Pradesh or searching ‘chudi-waali Galli’ in Chandni Chowk, Delhi I love traveling.

But as life progress, self-love takes a back seat and we are left with responsibilities, tasks, deadlines, and duties. For a mother, who is playing a dual role of caretaker and freelancer thinking of taking a break sounds as difficult as moving the Everest. When the Indiblogger #TheBlindList contest of #SayYesToTheWorld announced, I started reliving my dreams of a wanderer. And asked myself if, I am ready to go on a Blind Date Travel with the World?

Do you have a Bucket List?

You bet! I have a bucket list since the time I saw The Bucket List. I was so much into the idea of traveling the world then, that even asked my Dad to get me enrolled in some student exchange program.

Being born and bred in Agra, Uttar Pradesh I always wanted to explore other six wonders of the World. But then when I mentioned the same idea to my date, he brushed it off saying cliche! It’s a blind date, my dear so get ready for the unknown.

Our first destination was crystal clear water, serene views, tranquility, temper, and history. I always wanted to come here, it was my top favorite places on the Earth. I was surprised beyond belief that World took me to Indonesia.

Indonesia – A Trip to Bali Island and Komodo National Park

Bind date travel list Bali island
Photo by Dennis Rochel on Unsplash

Indonesia is a blessed place, Lord has made it with special affection. A country with such rich historical and geographical heritage. Bali, the volcanic island with rich green forests, cliffside Uluwatu temple, beach resorts, coral reefs, and mesmerizing beauty.

Fantasy fiction is my favorite genre when it comes to reading, talk about Dracula or Dragon I am all ears. Meeting a dragon in blood and skin will be a thrilling experience. Komodo National Park is home to giant dragon lizards named Komodo dragons. I am so happy to see them alive, healthy, and safe. Probably our future generation gets a chance to see them too.

Do you believe in Fairy Tales?

When World asked me this question, my cheeks turned pink! Of course, I am romantic, didn’t I mention a Leo factor above. Do you believe in fairy tales? umm… quite honestly, yes I do. It took a long long time until I realized pumpkin cannot turn into a carriage practically.

With a whoof, we were on the sets of Tomorrowland, err.. wait is that Disneyland? I asked the World and he just winked with a crooked smile. Did I tell you World looks similar to Henry Cavill… anyways, we were at Disneyland and I felt a pang of guilt of not having daughter along.

(Focus… Focus, leave mommy duties behind, Henry Cavill aka World here.)

Disneyland fairy tale blind date travel destination
Photo by Skylar Sahakian on Unsplash
Disneyland – My Blind Date travel Destination #2.

A place where fiction becomes reality and you go back to your childhood. Monster rides, breathtaking shows, glittery nights, and complete entertainment. This is a place everyone should visit once in their lifetime. The magical world of Disney, which made you believe in life’s real beauty – friends, kindness, sharing, and love.

The enriching experience travel brings in life is like re-inventing yourself. I wasn’t familiar with this side of my personality, it was like self-exploration to accommodate everything for the next destination. Life is all about making memories, travel and exploring new places make these memories beautiful.

I was still under the spell of Snow White’s beauty and Princess Belle’s kindness when World tapped me out and asked – Where do you want to go next?

Hey, come on this is a blind date travel plan I am not supposed to answer that! Take me where you wish us to go.

We landed in a place which felt very remote, peaceful but temperamental. Before I could ask him which place is that I heard stamping sound. A very familiar sound, I have heard it many times before, a traditional dance performed by men by aggressive stamping of feet. Haka! Yes, we are in New Zealand.

New Zealand – Snowcapped volcanic wilderness

Blind Date travel New Zealand
Photo by Andres Iga on Unsplash

Another name from my bucket list is New Zealand. A place which is known for its vast bio-diversity and located farthest on the globe. The least populated country with rich Aboriginal cultural heritage. I went to scuba diving in the clear waters, stood tall on the highest peak of mountains. Tried bungee jumping and explored the natural hot water geysers.

We also visited the most famous underground houses of The Lord of The Rings series – The home of famous Hobbit. Who could image this beauty is all for real? The beauty of New Zealand was like peeping into a magical kingdom, something similar to Alice in Wonderland. I am so glad to Say Yes To The World and let myself free into the wonderland of unknown.

Magical world you always wanted to travel - New Zealand

Life is a journey; make memories to live with pride and smile of your face every single day. This blind date travel has filled me with so much of life and energy that I am aiming to make it come true. Taking the traveling inspiration further from World, I aspire to take my daughter on a travel sojourn soon.



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  1. Hi Dipika,

    Life is such a wonderful journey with ups and downs all along its way. It is wonderful to experience life as it comes. I have always had fascination about Europe. I think it will be amazing to explore the country side of Europe.

    Thanks for sharing this post. have a good day. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Sajid, Europe is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your views. Cheers

  2. Your bucket list is super exciting, Dipika! And I bet you are going to keep adding more to the list!

    Here’s wishing you travel to all the places you wish to, very soon!

    1. Thank You so much Mayuri ?

  3. Take me along this Tomorrowland and to all of your list, I’m loving this dreamy journey with mommy responsibilities left behind.

  4. Woh, bucket list to bahut acchi hai, pray karungi ki bitiya k sath aap jaldi hi sab explore kariye ??
    Wonderland n Disneyland mera bhi dream hai, dekhiye kab tak pura hota hai ?
    Aapka wo idea accha laga jo aap apne Papa se student exchange pgm k barey me boley ??

  5. I loved your wonderful journey…really I too wish to visit Disneyland someday

  6. Does not matter Leo or Capricorn, seems like we share the same bucket list when it comes to travel,Dipika. What a kickass list, gal. Hope you get to visit these places soon. Good luck with the contest too 🙂

    1. Hehehe, Thank you so much Meenu 🙂 Heading to read yours

  7. I am a wanderer too and with options like Disneyland and tomorrowland, who woudn’t be happy to pack their bags. I have similar taste in travelling and sayyestotheworld is my motto too.

  8. Great Post, So good to read your bucket List. Disney Land is one of my favorite place too. would so love to go there asap,

  9. What a beautiful bucket list for traveling. Hope you get to visit all the places Great post.

  10. Wow that’s awesome, loved your list and that make me go to write mine soon.

  11. Disneyland is in my wish list too. Indonesia for sure is a natural beauty. Wish you good luck for ur travel date.

  12. Ah! Such a wonderful trip to have! I would love to visit the Lord of the rings house.

  13. Your bucket list took me to another world and I so want to visit Disney Land..

  14. This is a wonderful bucket list. Disneyland is a wonderful place to visit and stay. It is perfect for kids and adults too. I have visited two of them and absolutely love them. I am thinking of taking my son pretty soon.

  15. This is my bucket list too and travelling alone as well. We took a trip sans kids and it was rejuvenating.

  16. Isn’t that an awesome idea? Who would not want to go on such a blind date.
    We fall in love with the world and with ourselves all over again

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