7 Extraordinary and Fun Facts About Traveling Around the World

fascinating facts about travel the world

There are countless places all over the world worth visiting because of unusual or interesting facts attached to them. Learning such travel facts opens up entirely new destinations and helps you to know them better.

Here are 7 extraordinary fun facts about traveling around the world:

1. Great Wall of China Fun Facts –

The Great Wall of China has been a symbol of strength for centuries, thanks to a downright delicious building technique. One of man’s historic creations and a huge bulwark, the Great Wall of China is a fortified structure protecting Chinese territories against nomadic forest tribes. Surprisingly, it’s sticky rice that’s holding this ancient world miracle in several portions, for nearly 400 years.

Sticky rice is a blend of calcium hydroxide (hydrated lime) and sweet rice flour. Analytical studies reveal that sticky rice maintains the Wall’s durability due to the presence of amylopectin, a kind of complex carbohydrate in it, making the Wall earthquake-resistant. The sticky rice mortar seals and reinforces bricks, rivaling modern cement strength-wise.

fascinating facts about Great Wall of China

2. Finland has the greatest number of lakes and islands worldwide.

Rightly called ‘Land of Thousand Lakes’, Finland has a bumper 188000 lakes! The countless babbling lakes sluice this scenic Scandinavian land, making it a perfect tourist trap.

What’s more, Finland is also full of stunning islands. With a whopping 1,80,000 islands, the scenic country has the greatest count of islands worldwide, making it a perfect island-hopping paradise. Finland is exceptionally abundant in water due to geological conditions occurring before the creation of the country thousands of years ago. The impact of glaciation is evident in Finland’s geography and lake creation today.

Finns feel a close connection with water, and it’s a means of living for many. Finland’s greatest lake called Lake Saimaa lies in Lakeland District. The Åland Islands is the largest island group in the country and is an ideal summer getaway.

fun facts about Finland

3. You’ll learn the Longest Name while visiting New Zealand

Can you imagine how long a name any place can have? It’s a whopping eighty-five letter name, seemingly complicated, misspelled sentences. “Taumatawhakatangi­hangakoauauotamatea­turipukakapikimaunga­horonukupokaiwhen­uakitanatahu” is the unusual name of a hilly area of New Zealand, near the Kiwi township of Porangahau.

Locally known as Taumata Hill as a mark of respect for Tamatea, a  Maori warrior, it’s accessible by driving about 55 kilometers south of the Kiwi town of Waipukurau. You’ll find a sign displaying the 85-letter name situated about 5 kilometers beside the road. Needless to mention, it’s an excellent photo opportunity. While renting a car for the drive, ensure that it has a discovery 2 roof rack so that you can comfortably carry additional cargo such as camping equipment.

4. Singapore is the largest country worldwide with no farms at all!

The world’s largest country devoid of farms, Singapore is entirely urbanized. The island nation imports all food for its 5.4 million residents from the rest of the world, thanks to its logistical capability of shipping food constantly. The country’s food laws strive to ensure regular overseas stock of food as well as agricultural products.

Singapore doesn’t have farms mainly because it’s extremely developed, with modern buildings and flourishing businesses, making it one of the world’s richest countries.

Fascinating facts of Singapore

5. The Siberian forests are the world’s lungs.

The Siberian Taiga, the biggest, continuous, temperate forest accounts for nearly twenty-five percent of the earth’s forest cover and is the world’s largest producer of oxygen.

The Taiga, consisting largely of conifers and beech trees, produces maximum biomass per acre. If the vast Taiga were to vanish, the sick, aged and infants among us would most likely need to consume bottled oxygen for survival.

Siberian Forest fun facts

6. The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest living structure!

Australia’s remarkable natural gift, the Great Barrier Reef boasts the biggest, captivating coral reefs worldwide, and is visible from outer space. The Reef abounds with marine life, consisting of more than 3000 individual reefs, coral isles and countless scenic tropical islands having beautiful, golden beaches.

The Reef has wide-ranging cross-shelf diversity, expanding from the low tide level beside the shore up to two hundred and fifty kilometers offshore. This cross-shelf diversity includes extensive shallow inland regions, mid-shelf and outlying reefs, and outside the continental platform to sea waters greater than two thousand meters deep.

While visiting the Great Barrier Reef, you can indulge in scuba diving, whale watching, helicopter tours, glass-bottomed boat watching, cruise ship tours, and watching the playful dolphins.

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fascinating facts about great barrier reef
Image by CoffeewithMilk from Pixabay

7. Bunnies are the sole inhabitants of the Japanese island of Okunoshima!

Better called “Bunny Island,” the Okunoshima Island is home to about 700 wild rabbits wandering about the place. These bunnies jump around the small isle, greeting visitors and receiving tasty snacks from them, creating a warm bond between the two.

Lying comfortably in Japan’s Inland Sea, Okunoshima Island is approximately 2.5 miles around, walkable in about 90 minutes. The island’s grassy terrain boasts a beautiful beach resort, viewpoints, and docks.

The absence of predators and rabbits’ inclination towards productivity have significantly contributed towards the bunnies’ survival on Okunoshima Island.

Conclusion So, now you know some fun and extraordinary facts about world travel. Good enough to share with friends and family over a piping hot coffee.


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