Love Traveling? Find out what type of Traveler Are You?

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Do you love traveling? Are you a traditional traveler or the one with end-to-end planning? Do you prefer to book tickets well in advance or rush for the last-minute bookings? In this post, we will try to identify what type of traveler are you?

Live Life with No Excuses, Travel with No Regrets!

Oscar Wilde

Travelling is always fun regardless of what type of traveler you are. There are many wandering souls, but here are a few categories for you to check your type.

The Backpackers –

what kind of traveler are you
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The word which we Indians usually associate with solo foreign travelers. Lone soul or adventure tourists who prefer to explore destinations alone in a low-budget and to the unbeaten paths. Indian travelers have started exploring this kind recently, growing trend of solo travelers is quite evident in the Indian sub-continent. Hitch-hiking and adventure tours are quite famous for young travelers.

Weekenders –

Are you a weekend traveler, who schedule short trips around the weekends? Short weekend travels and staycations in and around the city five-star hotels are picking up huge response from metro millennials. Financially stable young couples, bachelors, group travelers enjoy weekend vacations in luxury and exquisiteness. The city’s top luxury destinations often attract such travelers in huge numbers.

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Traditionalists –

type of traveler
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If you check out the most visited tourist spots of your destination and stick to the ideal holiday path, you are a traditional ‘tourist’. They are the conventional holidaymakers who follow the easiest way to spend holidays under budget. From booking affordable hotels to getting cheap flights, traditional travelers follow the easy and budget-conscious way of holidaying.

The Luxury Traveler –

Wine-tasting, caviar, boutique hotels, and everything luxurious is their style. Fine dining, choosing the best hotels/resorts with classy services and luxury is on top of their mind. They don’t let go of the exquisite lifestyle even if on the holidays. Business-class travel to concierge services, they book and enjoy it all – ‘enjoy vacation king size’.

Are you a Social Media Addict Traveler?

If you are updating every minute detail of your holiday planning regularly on the social media profiles, then you belong to this group. Searching the most ‘Instagrammable’ spots and photos throughout your travel makes you a social-media addict. Starting from travel planning to local cuisine, tourist destinations to city walks, hotels to local fashion, they have it all covered on the social media pages, or travel blogs.

what type of traveler are you

Go with the Flow –

Unplanned, free flow travelers! They don’t believe in planning or booking travels in advance, super spontaneous who make or alter plans at the drop of the hat. Indecisive but full-on energy, traveling with them is daunting but adrenaline rush too.

These are the most common types of traveler categories, as I mentioned at the beginning of the post, regardless of which category you fall in – travel is always a soulful experience.

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  1. It was fun reading your post. While reading I was figuring out what kind of traveler am I.. And I found towards the end. I am go with the flow trips are Unplanned, but with lotsa of excitement.

  2. Wow lovely. I am the traditional one but yes I so wish to be the backpacker one. It gives you wings to fly high on the sky of freedom. And I love to explore places this way. Loved reading your post about kinds of travelers.

  3. I am a lazy traveler and thankful husband agrees. We don’t hop sightseeing we prefer to relax and unwind.

    1. Never knew there are so many types of travellers. A different perspective is written so promptly.

  4. I was a backpacker, now graduating towards being a luxury traveler. Some times we go to a holiday in a lazy mode, so u can term me as the lazy traveler too..

  5. I was definitely a social media addict traveler but the last place I visited literally made me forgot to check or post on my social media!
    Loved reading this.

  6. I am definitely not a social media traveller. I may be a free flow traveller. i taag along when my hubby decides on taking us somewhere. i cannot afford to take anyone anywhere yet but soon i hope to!

  7. Superb Dipika I never thought about myself that what kind of traveler I am? but yes after reading your post and I found myself under unplanned traveler category, also I love to visit the place which calm my mind rather than touching all the sight-scene in hush-hush.

  8. This is a great compilation of all the kinds of travelers we have today. I am a backpacker most times as I believe that the essence of the place we visit start from its people, so homestays are a great option for me. I love exploring the local more and understand the culture, food and traditions of the place. However, I would say a 20% mix of all other categories put together is also me, especially with the current social media trend, where everything is about clicking pictures and showing off to the people.

    Overall, a great post and thinking about these kinds rekindled so many memories to me.

  9. Great list! I go with the flow, planning happens but not well in advance. I want to absorb the essence of travel in that short period of journey.

  10. […] Blogpost is part of the SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge by Dipika and […]

  11. I guess I am a mix of the traditional and go with the flow, with a little bit of Social Media Traveler thrown in. Such a fun an interesting post this is!

  12. I guess I am the weekender. I was a backpacker during my college days and have gone on many trekking trips as well during school days. So now I am waiting for the opportunity to be the luxury traveller too.

  13. […] This blog post is part of SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge by Dipika and Ruchi.’ […]

  14. Ohh, this is a whole kind of compliation of kind of traveller. I am planned traveler. Love to plan OE you can say a goal to travel specific destination. I don’t like to post every update on social media.

  15. loved the post dear and I am surly a weekenders type of traveler who love to plan and visit near by travel places, while my husband always has a go with flow attitude. though i love to love but without planning, i feel somewhat anxious. especially with kids, having a sort of pre planning with food and other things is must. loved the theme of this time’s challenge so much and excited to share my post too.

  16. Hey Dipika, this is a lovely post. I owe all my travel memories to my husband. He’s the only one who loves to travel and plans everything except our suitcases!
    Well, I guess, I fall somewhere between traditional and luxury travellers as we don’t travel regularly but when we do, we totally enjoy.

  17. I just loved traveling and feel like a traditional traveler I am as love to explore every part of any place. Lovely post!!

  18. Hi, Deepika this is a great post with the well thought out categorization of the travelers and how to identify them. I love traveling myself and oscillate between a Luxury Traveller to go with the flow depending on the availability of time.

  19. Loved this post completely, Dipika. I fall somewhere between weekenders and traditionalist but my husband is completely a luxury traveller. He wants everything to be luxurious and king size while travelling. Great post and a interesting one too. I would also love to be a solo traveller someday that’s on top of my bucket list.

    1. You have depicted such an amazing description. I would follow under the social media addict and weekender. You post revived me.

  20. I think I am the go with the flow kinds 😉 though I’d love to inspire social media addicts to travel more! Your posts are always tonnes of fun, I love reading them so much every time 🙂

  21. I think I’m a mix of all but we rarely explore touristy places. Most of our trips focus on fun & adventure now. We have graduated from luxury travel which we used to prefer when our was too young and we are aiming to travel like backpackers in the near future.

  22. I am trying to decide which category I fall in. 🙂
    From luxury traveller to weekender and at time backpacker, it depends on how much time we can take out to travel to a destination.

  23. Never thought this way, travelling is just love for me because I enjoy exploring new places. If I still try to categorise would be the traditional type I guess.

  24. […] This blog post is part of SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge by Dipika and Ruchi. […]

  25. The thing I love about traveling is that you can be a different type of a traveler every trip! and except for being unplanned (women, sadly, do not have that luxury), I definitely go with the flow on all of my trips. I have sometimes have amazing experiences by going along with everyone, and sometimes, by opting out and just doing my own thing too!

  26. I am more of a traditionalist. But dont mind to pamper myself with little bit luxuries , if budget allows:)

  27. Wow! I wasn’t aware that there are so many types of travellers. I read the list twice and realised that I am some and all the above….lol…
    Thank you for organising this challenge, I am so happy to be part of it.

  28. […] ‘This blog post is part of SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge by Dipika and Ruchi.’ […]

  29. I am.more of a comfort traveler. I cant travel in rush rush. Infact my entire fam, husband n kids too are comfort travellers as mu husband says we travel to take a break and chill so no rushing around.

  30. I’m definitely not a backpacker! But a little mix of everything makes travel journeys very exciting and fun. I like to go with the flow and also decide some destinations on the spot as well. My trip to Thailand was one such exciting journey and I still remember it. Great blogging challenge and thank you for taking me back to memories.

  31. […] ‘This blog post is part of the SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge by Dipika and Ruchi.’ […]

  32. I love travelling and exploring new places. I think I am a traditional traveller. And in between social media do come a bit but I love to enjoy every bit of my journey.

  33. […] Also, find What kind of traveler you are? […]

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  35. […] This blog post is part of SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge by Dipika and Ruchi.’ […]

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